Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Final hocking hills post.

We only spent two days in Hocking Hills- but I feel like we saw so much!  we will definitely be headed back to get in the stuff that we didn't on this trip.
On our last day the morning started out drizzling- but the rugrats couldn't have been happier about getting to wear their galoshes and rain coats. Plus they made for good pictures :)  
Although by the end of our day the boys were EXHAUSTED. 
 We climbed a lot of stairs and did a lot of hiking for two and four year old little legs.  
Ike kept sitting down and asking for a break.  On our last hike out of 'The Rock House'- it started raining a little harder and we ended up hiking out with Ike on my shoulders and Zeb on Kent's.  These little boys are spoiled rotten.
Old Man's Cave had a trail with two caves to walk through and then an amazing huge open face mountain.  I really had no idea that Ohio had natural features like this.
One of the highlights of the trip was being able to use Kent's head lamp. The kiddos thought they were miners or mountain men or something. We'll be buying a second for sure.
 My pictures just can't show how big and magnificent this place was. It was my favorite hike for sure.

I took so many dang pictures- I feel like I have to post at least some of the great ones!!

Our very last stop was 'The Rock House'.  We debated on stopping but I'm so glad that we did.  This place was really really cool.  We were just hiking along and almost missed it.  There are just a bunch of holes on the side of the mountain.  Then you step inside and find yourself here.

The one end of the cave opened up onto a big ledge and dropoff.  Our kiddos didn't really get that it was just a big deep and dangerous pit.  And that made Kent really nervous.  We almost lost Zeb's boot off the edge while looking over.

In the rockhouse we ended up running into some fellow teepee campers and they snapped a family picture for us.
Come visit and we'll take you to Hocking Hills to tire you out, too :)


Michelle said...


Loved the "tire you out" picture - with Zeb climbing the stairs and Ike looking "beat" at the bottom. :)

But, I just can't choose a fave - all your pics are so fabulous.

That rock house looks so entirely amazing!

I hope we get to go there someday!!

Kim T. said...

I loved the pictures!! They really make me miss Ohio - more than I already do!

Amber and Travis said...

Travis and I went last year, but it looks totally different with all the green. Beautiful!

yaya said...

So magnificent! Ohio is a great place, I should explore it sometime! I took a deep breath at the kiddo on the bridge that had no guys are so adventurous!

brittani c. said...

Hey, so I made your soft batch ginger molasses cookies last night. They've become a Fall staple in our home each year. Did I ever say thank you?

Pat and Brent said...

What an amazing place. The boys are troopers to hike all that way. Glad you could enjoy your time together. We would love to see this!

Bryce and Breanna said...

This place is amazing! Love all the pictures.