Wednesday, September 14, 2011

 This weekend we ventured downtown to "Island Metropark" for our pal, Penny's, birthday party.  She's a friend that we met at the YMCA.  We see her almost every single day and the rugrats love her.  It helps that she has really cool parents as well!
It was the perfect weather for an outdoor party- and we all enjoyed ourselves.  There was lots of sidewalk chalk and dirty hands.

All of the boys thought it would be funny to rub their faces in the drawings- so we had some dirty chins as well.  I really love this picture.  This is one of those sincerely happy faces.  No cheesy grin- no fake smile- just a real happy kid.  
Penny towers over Zeb and I thought for sure this was her fifth birthday- but it turned out to be number 4.  She really is the greatest little girl.  Her family is fabulous.  I absolutely LOVE meeting new people in new places and I'm glad we've already made these great friends!
The kiddos even feasted on vegan cupcakes!  How amazing is that?!  Barrick- the kiddo in the middle- is our pal from church and he also frequents the YMCA and is friends with Penny.
For part of the party they had a little 'photo booth' set up to take pictures. There were all sorts of great props and clothes and funny stuff to wear and pose in.  The rugrats loved it.

 They used an I-Pad ap to take pictures and send us the copies!  We have totally lucked out with Kent on the weekends so far and once again he was able to party with us.
After the party we did a little park exploring and enjoyed fall.  I can't say enough good about the Ohio Parks.  Just plain amazing.
and fall, too. It's just plain amazing.  

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Michelle said...

You get the best pictures!!

I love the prop-photo-station. So cute and clever!

And - so sorry about the whole library thing. Lame.