Saturday, September 3, 2011

better than the botanical gardens!!

Despite the intense heat we ventured to Dayton's discovery gardens to spend part of our day.  The place is astounding- and free!  Like toledo's botanical gardens- only way better. Far more kid friendly- lots more to do- and lots more shade!!  Although we did miss all of the crazy ducks and geese.

Best part about the place was the water features.  Fun streams, waterfalls, and cool caves to play in.
It was so hot I wish I would have worn my swimming suit!  Heat index was above 100 again today- but the high for monday is supposed to be 71.  PURE HEAVEN.  I LOVE fall.  good riddance summer.
The kiddos didn't mind the heat in the slightest.

I loved the caves.  Remember our last cave encounter? with the terrified and wailing children?!  Ike remembered, too.  He was a little cautious walking in to this one.  It didn't help that I told him these were spooky, too.
 He warmed right up once he realized they opened up on the opposite end- and weren't dark at all.
We couldn't figure out how the place was so empty on a holiday weekend- but we didn't mind at all. Maybe everybody goes out of town for Labor day?  I love that we have the weekend with Kent.  I needed a good weekend!
I think this picture looks like we are up in the mountains somewhere.  Dayton is even greener than Ohio. It's absolutely beautiful.
The sand table was a hit.  Ike kept getting pummeled with sand by another little boy- but remained very calm.  It was a rewarding parenting moment. Our kids tend to be reactive sometimes (where in heaven's name do they get that!?)- and it was so nice to have an afternoon completely free of tears and drama.  Maybe this parenting thing is working out.
Did I mention it was hot?  In the three minutes I spent getting a picture of a bee- I became completely drenched in sweat.  Beads pouring down my face like they do in spin class. gross. gross. gross.
They also have this GIANT stick snake maze.  We lost the kiddos several times.
I can't believe that I even got the kiddos to stand in one place for a single picture. They exhausted us today.
Yet another reason to come and visit!  any takers?!


Jessica said...

That looks like an amazing place! Love hearing about all your adventures in Dayton!

Justin and Jules said...

Oooo.. me me! We will come! I wish! Justin and I were just talking today about how much we missed the lush greeness of Ohio. Love the gardens, and great pics too!

Michelle said...

Maybe next year we'll be our year to come and visit, I hope!

Those pictures are amazing!! I love the cute facial expressions of your boys. Such cute little dudes.

What a beautiful place!

Delaps said...

Wow, I want your botanical gardens. They look like so much fun. We have not been so lucky to find great free things out here. Enjoy the fall!

Cynthia said...

that place looks great and your bee picture turned out really good!

HowellAZ said...

Great pictures - I think it was worth getting drenched with sweat for the bee photo! Looks like the kiddos had a blast! Glad you are enjoying Dayton.

brittani c. said...

what an awesome place!

yaya said...

You should be loving the weather now! It's been great up here. I saw Amy and Craig this weekend and wished you all were with us too! (in Chicago)...those pics of your boys are so cute! They look like they are loving the water...Maybe one of these days we will make down to see you!