Wednesday, September 7, 2011

 Yesterday was our first day of school- and I promise that Zeb was happier about it then he lets on in these pictures.  I wanted him to stand out on the deck because the lighting was better- but apparently it was too cold. And it interrupted team umizoomi.

His backpack is HUGE. We got it for a quarter and it fits his Cars 2 folder (unlike last year's thomas backpack) so it's a hit.

Here's Zeb in his favorite 'position'.  We have pictures of him sleeping like this when he was 18 months old. He loves to cross his feet and put his hands under his head!
We got in to a little co-op preschool this year with six of Zeb's little pals from church.  I only have to teach once every seven weeks- but he gets school twice a week, every week. And it's free.  Seven kids will be a lot- but I scheduled my teaching week for Kent's vacation week so I'll have plenty of help!

Zeb keeps asking what Ellie, Matthew, and Cohen are doing for preschool this year, though. They are his preschool pals from last year and we all miss them immensely!!!

We had a little back to school party last week to introduce the kiddos to the teachers and my two rugrats loved it.

Luckily one of the kids decided not to join- so Ike got to paint his placemat and sit in his spot. That's why his placemat says Jeremiah.

Our first real day of school -yesterday- was RIDICULOUS.  Ike was beside himself in devastation when we dropped Zeb off and he didn't get to go with him. He seriously cried for twenty minutes- wailing about leaving Zeb and wanting to be with Zeb and wanting to go back to get Zeb.  Any suggestions?  Obviously this kid loves his brother more than his mother.  And I am absolutely okay with that.  He also really wants to be in school, too.


Justin and Jules said...

Well you can tell Zeb that we miss him too and that Cohen is doing preschool at home with Mom this year. Our ward kinda really sucks and every one pays for preschool and does NOTHING together. Next time....totally ward shopping!

yaya said...

What a great preschool where everyone takes turns teaching.I wish we had had that when my kids were little. Craig had the same problem as Ike..we sent him to preschool when Jackie started real school and was Craig mad..he hated that it wasn't "real" school like Jack's...we took him out and bit the bullet until the next year when he could start...poor Ike.

HowellAZ said...

Love the pictures and especially the huge made me laugh! I think that's great those two are such close friends. That will really pay off once they grow out of wrestling...wait, does that ever happen?

boysmum2 said...

awesome pictures, great to know you have settled well in Dayton.

Steve and Hailey said...

Oh that is so cute. I love the picture of Zeb holding his hands over his ears! I feel like that all the time around here. What is the school schedule like? Ike will miss him so much.

Derek said...

Oh, it's so hard to be left behind. Carver's first day of kindergarten was Friday and Grace asked for Mommy school first thing. Maybe Ike can have Zeb's old backpack and enjoy a mini-school with you? Good luck with that. We've been counting down FOREVER for Grace to finally start preschool this week. Monday is the meet-the-teacher, Wednesday she starts. I think we'll make it - but just barely. :)

Rachael said...

That wasn't Derek - that was me, Rachael. Hate it when he logs into gmail on my computer and I don't realize it.