Friday, September 16, 2011

 Here's my turkey waiting on the real turkeys.    I asked him why he looked so glum and he replied: "this is making me sooooooooo bored."  He gets that inability to wait from his mom.

 Earlier this week we went to "turkey fun"- a program put on by the local metroparks.  It was free and included wild animals- so we couldn't resist.

Plus the kiddos got to do this turkey craft.  Let's be honest, though. Most of it was a little intense for toddlers so it was mostly a joint effort.  But Zeb is now fully versed in turkey terminology.  Just ask him about the snood, carbuncles, or wattle.
And the wild turkeys they'd advertised were caged. I guess 'wild' refers to their species and not where they live.  Plus- most of them looked an awful lot like chickens to me. Of course, none of that mattered to Zeb and Ike.  They loved petting the animals.
Zeb (and then Ike, too) kept asking the birds why they weren't talking to us.  I tried spraying them with water to make them cluck or gobble- but we didn't get even a peep.
 The pigs on the other hand were crazy. They loved Zeb and Ike!!  I love this picture because Ike is making the exact same face as the pig.
 The pigs followed the boys all around the pen- and kept snorting.
 And then we got tired and went home.  Ike was furious with me for gobbling in the car. Honestly- he is going to be so much fun to harass as a teenager.


M- your favorite said...

I LOVE his chocolate brown eyes! LOVE THEM!

Michelle said...

HA!! THat pig picture is classic.

The pig snout is G.R.O.S.S.


HowellAZ said...

I just really enjoy your picture taking abilities! Looks like the boys had a blast...until the gobbling in the car started. Poor baby. ;)