Sunday, September 25, 2011

teepee time.

We turned our trip to Hocking Hills into a full blown camping adventure.  After a lot of searching - we decided on leaving our tent behind and camping in a teepee!!  How cool is this? we got to sleep in a real live teepee.  The kiddos loved it and were happier than ever the entire time.  Best way to camp.  No tent setup/clean up- but it's still 'roughing it'.
This next picture of Ike is HILARIOUS.  Every time Kent and I look at this we can't help but laugh out loud.  He was such a happy little camper and was beyond ecstatic about roasting marshmallows.  We were waiting as Kent got the fire started and I told him to show me how excited he was about the marshmallows.  This is what he gave me. Crazed lunatic face.  Doesn't he look insane?!?  we love it.
Being out camping with just us was pretty fun.  Sitting around the campfire with our little rugrats trying to scare them with spooky stories and teaching them camp songs made me feel like we really are our own little family.
It also made me realize just how old these kiddos are getting!  They actually just sit and talk with each other a lot. Their conversations are hilarious.  Ike kept asking Zeb if he was going to sleep in the teepee.
There were lots of giggles in the teepee that night.  The teepee had four cots but we put the boys together to keep each other warm.  The shared cot thing didn't last long for these two- but as soon as we separated them Ike zonked almost immediately.
Unfortunately for Kent- Ike woke up in the middle of the night wanting to share a cot with him :)  I can't imagine Kent slept very well!  This kid is impossible to share a king size bed with.  A teeny cot must have been torturous.

It rained a little during the night and the morning was perfectly chilly.  I love the rugrats' sleepy faces.

Donuts woke them up pretty quickly, though.  They were super excited to pick them out at the grocery store the day before.

Zebby loves his 'Captain' shirt. He thinks that he's a captain just like his dad- and insists on saluting people when he wears it.  A veteran at the library actually complimented him on his 'tight' salute at the library last week :)
I've got one more day of pictures to post and then I'm done with Hocking Hills :)


dockters said...

That has got to be the coolest camping trip ever! My kids would love this! I'm excited to see more pics....

Jason & Shannon said...

So cute!!! EVery single picture!

Michelle said...

So cute.

I looked and laughed at Ike's "Ecstatic" look for a good long time! So funny. :)

The picture of Zeb by the fire pit reminds me SO MUCH of Kent at his age.

I love the picture of Zeb and Kent together - it is seriously the cutest. And I love the TIGHT salute!

What cute boys.

Cool teepee!

Amy and Craig said...

I love the Teepee idea. Craig and I went to Hocking Hills for our 4th or 5th anniversary when we were living in OH. it was fun. We hiked to ash cave also. It looks like you had the picture perfect family camping trip! Kudos to you!

HowellAZ said...

Ha! I got a couple of out-loud laughs from this post. Between the surprised face and the salute, you've got a lot of entertainment at your disposal!:) Looks like a great time camping!

M- your favorite said...

What a way to camp! Looks like a ton of fun!

I'm sure Kent slept pretty good. He loves to snuggle! :)

yaya said...

Now that is a great idea! I've always wanted a teepee at our place. I have the space, just need the poles..and some canvas..and some energy. Great pics! What made me laugh is the sleepy faces...don't we all look like that in the morning after sleeping outdoors?

Cassidy said...

Emry would like to know if this is a real teepee from the native americans.

Annie O said...

so you went back to the library?