Sunday, July 8, 2012

 Let's be honest- the Fourth of July this year was just a long hot mess.  The one saving grace of the day was that Kent got off at ONE! hallelujah.  it was unexpected and it made the day wonderful.

He showed up to the church picnic after most everybody else wussed out.  We stuck around with the die hards and talked miserably in the shade :)

Check out poor little zeb.  all the kids were so red in the face and sweaty.
Ike was happy because of all the sweets.  Such a little sweet tooth.
 Metta finally gave in to sleep in my friend, *cindy's, lap.  Cindy was convinced it's because she's a fellow redhead. She may be on to something. Metta definitely gets along well with reds.

* real question: Does anybody know the grammatical rule for apostrophes in this case? should the possessive apostrophe be placed on 'friend' instead of 'cindy'?  that issue has been plaguing me for YEARS.

 We spent the afternoon and evening with friends doing many 4th of July worthy activities. Slip n slide. pizza. sparklers. fireworks. and ridiculous faces. Check out zeb in the background trying desperately to do a scary face.
 is it weird that one of my favorite things about the 4th is forcing my family to dress in red, white, and blue?!

All I got of me was a foot shot. I scored these at Target clearance the morning of the 4th.
I love them.  If you enlarge them- you can see the little plastic taggy thing on the left.  I have a little bit of o.c.d. and I don't ever take them off clothes/shoes that I buy.  It drives Kent and Zeb CRAZY.   maybe that's why I leave them on.

We've made a tradition (2 years now) of watching fireworks with our friends the Lattas.  They drive up to Indiana and get all sorts of illegal great fireworks- and we watch from a distance.  Zeb and Ethan had a great view from the swingset.

the neighborhood fireworks :)


Jessica said...

Sounds like a fantastic 4th of July! Those fireworks look they could beat some of the city ones I saw this year!

yaya said...

This was such a crappy week for the 4th..between the heat and the storms that blew through here it was a washout. Ashland was determined not to cancel the fireworks so as the storm was beginning it's scary entry they shot off all the fireworks in a 7 minute was suppose to take 30min! I thought for sure it would be canceled so I missed it..darn! Love the last shot, at least I feel like I've seen some fireworks now! Love your red shoes...Zeb and Metta look like poster children for "hot and sweaty".

Emilee said...

The worst thing about the 4th is the heat. The worst! But it looks like you guys had a great time.

And, at the risk of sounding like a know-it-all, the rule for possessives in that particular case is easier when you remove the comma. Since Cindy is not your only friend, you don't need the comma between "friend" and "Cindy", (Cindy is specifying which friend and not renaming your only friend), so "my friend Cindy's lap" would be correct. That simplifies at least half the cases, but I'm not sure what one does when renaming something, like "my dad, Harold's, dog". So, maybe I'm not a know-it-all. Maybe I'm a know-it-some. said...

Love the shoes, love Zeb's scary face

Amber and Travis said...

I am sad we missed all the 4th of July festivities here but not too sad because I was sitting on a beach watching fireworks. Looks like a fun time!

Michelle said...

Super cute shoes! The plastic thingy drives me crazy too. Rip that thing OFF!! haha.

Amazing fireworks. We opted for the no-fireworks this year due to all the fires out here.

LOVE the picture of Kent singing (might have been in the post above).

LOVE those cute kiddos!

Alexis said...

HAHA! Just pinned one of your recipes...looks good...had to laugh that it was someone I knew! Looks like you are doing fabulous! - Alexis Oliver