Thursday, July 26, 2012

mojito pineapple mango pork tacos + rice and beans

One of the best summer meals we've had on the grill this year!  super easy, too.  The rice and beans are some of my favorite I've made- and it was crazy easy to make.

*1 lb pork tenderloin (we bought a huge long one at sams and then portioned it out) cut in thin strips
*1/2 packet of this stuff! we let it sit on the meat for about an hour.

although you could make your own with lime juice, apple cider vinegar, cumin, and garlic salt.

we didn't have any fresh fruit- so I used frozen mangoes and pineapple from our smoothie mix! it still tasted great!
fresh garden tomatoes
1/2 onion

dice everything to desired size and toss together.

add lettuce, guac, and sour cream!  serve on a corn tortilla!
Beans and Rice
 1 onion 
2 crushed garlic cloves  
1 tsp olive oil

saute for 4 minutes
and add

3/4 cup rice

saute 2 more minutes
and add

1.5 cups chicken stock

bring to a boil- cover and lower heat for twenty minutes.  When done- add 

1 can rinsed black beans
1 tsp cumin