Sunday, July 29, 2012

 so- in order to get my sisters posting on their blogs more often- my mom is offering payouts.  1 dollar/post.  Expect some pretty hefty blogging from me in the next little while.

At least one Saturday a month growing up- after morning chores were finished- my dad would get us all excited and announce that he was taking us out for lunch.  And then he'd drive us over to RC Willey for free hot dogs and pop.  I fell for it month after month.  and I hated the hot dogs and pop.

This past saturday we did it to our kids.  at lowes.  Luckily- they also offered their free 'build and grow' program.  And my kids loved the hot dogs :)

Our pals from church are the ones who told us about the 'build and grow' thing- they were all there, too.
 Kent and Zeb ran into a few problems with their projects- but Zeb said he didn't mind if his was a little 'bumpy'. :)
Ike and I executed our projects flawlessly :)

Metta and her pal Cora just hung out and watched.  Metta has been doing a lot of slobbery beat boxing lately. It's RIDICULOUS in places like church where we are supposed to be quiet.
Later that day we had a little party with the same friends so their parents could go to columbus for the evening.  They have four girls and Kent was worried there wouldn't be enough for them to do with all of our race cars and trains and light sabers- so he insisted on a craft.  He went to Walmart and bought some ceramic animals to paint and all the kiddos LOVED it.
Our boys' animals were quite a bit sloppier than the girls'- but they loved it nonetheless.


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

You guys are THE BEST!!! Thanks for thinking of the craft project, that was sweet. The girls loved it!!! thanks again.

Jason & Shannon said...

Lucky! I'm sure I'd blog more if I got paid too! I remember going to RC WIlley for the hotdogs! It was the best! I love Ike's hotdog shirt!!!!!!

Hutch Y. said...

My parents did the same thing to me. Those lines were always ridiculous too!