Friday, July 27, 2012

metta and her loves.

EVERYtime we go out- at least one person asks how I get the little bows to stick on metta's head!  If kent is with me- he tells people: "hot glue gun".  It's terrible. and really funny to see the looks on faces.  Very few people think it's funny.

I think that metta is looking more like Zeb, lately!  which means like Kent :)  I think one person has said she looks like me. and it was probably just because of the hair! and maybe her eye color.  you can see the hazel starting to pop through!!
this metta is such a trooper.  she takes her morning naps at the gym in the arms of kidzone workers. She LOVES them and they LOVE her.  They honestly fight over her when we walk in. They rock her and sing to her and give her more attention than I usually do!!

she also loves her pals carmella, kenyaura, kamera, and kiera :)  they can make her smile and laugh like crazy!
carmella got baptized last week and we love her and her girls!!  being a part of her baptism was such a great experience.


Michelle said...

Love those toesies! Metta really is a beautiful baby! Wish I got turns to hold her too!

Justin and Jules said...

Can I just say, I love that you always have something on that girls head! It is so cute and lets be honest, we all know you were kinda hoping for another boy so I'm glad to see you have taken on having a girl so well :) She is adorable, and I love the pink cardi on you :)