Wednesday, July 18, 2012

holy toledo!!!

I definitely didn't get enough pictures of our day trip to toledo- but I suppose I have four years of blog posts dedicated to that place.  Honestly, it's one of my favorite places on earth. I can't pinpoint one specific thing that made it such a wonderful part of my life- but it was.  

We ventured up last weekend to celebrate a baby shower for beth.  Metta is already pals with the unborn micah- as you can see.  I love this picture!!  thanks for having a baby, beth! and thanks for hosting, Lynds.
 'Micah's mustache bash' was made even more wonderful by the fact that the stars aligned to get many of our old school toledoans back together.  We are scattered across the country- but a handful of us are still in the midwest and made it back all on the same day!!  although we missed all the rest of you old toledoans TERRIBLY.
 we are totally planning a reunion soon.  and then one in the far future with NO KIDS.
 metta was so good all day.  and a super champ on both car rides (2.25 hours each way). not a peep.  she's adorable.
 and she met lots of pals she never even knew she had!
 Jake's already in love with her.
 the rugrats couldn't get enough of their good old pals.
 there were lots and lots of giggles.
 and lots of fun catching up!! it was terribly hot and humid- and this was the very end of a long day- but it was ALL worth it.  thanks for the backyard, renae!!
 and then we had to say goodbye.
why is saying good bye so rotten?  I really love new places, new people, and new adventures- but it's so hard to make such amazing friends and then move away from them!  all you toledo friends- thank-you!!  thank you for making four years of my life so wonderful!  I miss you all the time!


Amber and Travis said...

These pictures are the best! I love the one of Jake hugging Metta and the kids laughing at the computer. So cute! Seeing old friends is the best!

Kim T. said...

Oh, you made me miss Toledo! I so wish I could have been there - humidity and all. Beth is so cute all preggied out. Love all the babies!

Delaps said...

I am still fighting back the tears of jealousy. Wish that I could have been there to spend the day with all of you wonderful women! I am not even going to show Ellie your post because she will be devastated!

Emilee said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! What a fun party. You ladies all look fabulous!

ahewitson said...

LOVE this post! Toledo was my favorite place to serve for obvious reasons. I was lucky enough to live there twice but I still miss it and all of your beautiful families!!

brittani c. said...

Such great photos, Leisy. Toledo really was a special place and a special ward. The camaraderie was so unique, and no place since then has been like it. Glad you had a great time! So many cute babies too!

Anonymous said...

every ones children are growing up! so happy you were able to make it up and have a fun time.