Sunday, July 22, 2012

seven days!??!

I've had the craziest past seven days! and so has kent.  too bad they weren't together!!

He spent the past week CAMPING.  partying! swimming. playing. and having tons of fun at 'camp Ko Man Shee' for Diabetes camp.  In his defense- he was 'working' the entire time :)  Around the clock blood sugar monitoring, insulin fixing, carb counting, etc.- for far too many crazy 6-7- and 8 year old little boys.  They even had to do through the night regular checks.  But it sounds to me like there was a whole lot of playing going on, too.
In actuality I'm really really glad that Kent got to go. He loves endocrinology and really wanted the experience.  Initially he wasn't going- but circumstances changed and I think I was more excited than he was.  And now he really knows that he loves endo.  We'll see if one day that's where his career takes us!  for now we've just got to get through the next two years.
It worked out perfectly that while Kent was gone- Laney's husband (taylor) had MAJOR bar prep and study to do (good luck this week!!!!)- so Laney left him alone in Buffalo and came with her kiddos to hang out with us here :)
I didn't get a single picture of me or Laney- but we got plenty of the kiddos.

 we did a lot of target shopping (thus the great clearance squirt guns) and had a lot of laughs. Once at target all five kids had a simultaneous minor (maybe major) breakdown and I lost it.  Laughing so hard I really peed my pants.  What else were we supposed to do?!  when five kids are freaking out all at once- all you can do is laugh, right?!?  on another target trip- we dropped an entire large icee in the shoe section. I think Target was happy that Laney had to go back to buffalo.  For whatever reason I am better behaved when Laney isn't around :) and I don't spend as much time at target.

we did a lot of water time, too.  After classes at the gym we played at the splash pad.  Milly is so stinking cute and really funny. she calls me 'ce-ce'.
 while at the splash pad- I found some leftover party favors in my purse from our toledo weekend.  I think the pictures are so funny!  the boys loved the treat.

 and check out miss metta in her swim suit. so dang adorable.  at what age do those little fat rolls become not so cute?!  because right now they are fabulous on metta- but hideous on me :)

unbeknownst to me- miss metta was getting pretty sick right here.  We got home and she started feeling warm.  I took her temp after lunch and it was 105!!  WHAT?!  no wonder she'd only give me a half smile.
I was pretty sure that in a four month old that was ER worthy- but OF COURSE- whenever our kiddos get sick- kent is GONE. to make matters worse- he didn't even have cell service while at camp the FULL seven days.  Tylenol helped immediately so I didn't go to the ER- but I made an appt to see a doc on base the next day.  At the appointment they ended having to do a catheter on her (due to the fact that there were NO other symptoms with her fever)- and results showed a UTI.  We had a long few nights and days- but antibiotics fixed her :)  although now we've got a renal ultrasound planned for next week at the Children's hospital. 

Laney and her kiddos left on Thursday- and Kent got home late friday night.  I'm really really glad to have my husband back.


Hutch Y. said...

Poor Metta. Do baby girls get UTI's a lot?

Kent and Leisy said...

hutch- not often- which is why we've got to do an ultrasound! they want to make sure there isn't some sort of problem!

Jason & Shannon said...

She's so cute. I hope everything's ok. I love her swim-suit! said...

I would give anything to have been a part of those Target moments. Poor Metta...yep, always drama when the doctor is out of town. Ugh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That was me commenting above. It will only let me comment anonymously for some reason. I'm annoyed.


Michelle said...

What an entertaining post!

1) I'm so happy that you laughed so hard you peed your pants. For some reason, I tend to do that when I am around M - and it's quite irritating (after I'm through laughing so hard, that is). Sorry about all the kids melting down, though.

2) You. have. ZERO. Fatrolls!! And Metta's are so very cute!

3) Millie has gotten so big!!

4) Love the mustaches.

5) Glad Kent got home safe and sound - looks like he had an incredible time. So sorry about poor Metta!