Thursday, July 5, 2012

my little marietta.

She's my fastest grower upper.  Which I'm totally fine with :)  She's got all these teeth-  she's already rolling all over the place for a few weeks now-  she loves to stand on her feet when she's held- and she's been holding her head up 100% of the time since she was a few weeks old!

She's a fabulous little baby.  Lately she's been sleeping in until 8:30 or nine!!  and check out that smile. Nothing better than a smile peeking out from behind the bink.
The Sunday before the 4th of July.  She got all festive.
the drooling is not one of her best attributes.  She stinks like a wet dog after a few hours into the day.
for whatever reason- when metta ends up without a bow-zeb has gotten into the habit of stopping random strangers at the store/library/gym to tell them that Metta is a girl even though she may look like a boy without a bow on.  thanks, Zeb.
 She rolls over like crazy- but often gets tired and frustrated and then stuck high centered on her belly.  Once she's stuck on her belly- she starts trying out new tricks.  She's even starting to get her legs up under her bum and can scoot herself forward!!  dang rascal. I thought I had a month or so longer of immobility.


Jessica said...

What a cutie! She sure is growing up much too fast!

Laney said...

that 4th of july picture is adorable.

boysmum2 said...

Man she looks just like the boys! She is so cute. Happy days to you all.

M- your favorite said...

OOH I miss her! She is so dang cute. With or with out bows. :)

Michelle said...

LOVe. HER!!!!

What a good, good baby. Cute as can be!

Michelle said...

Oh, and PS - I love that Zeb does that. hahahaha! So great. I would love to hear him tell me that. He has the best little "explain it all" voice. :)

Jason & Shannon said...

So cute! I love the little dress!