Sunday, August 5, 2012

check out these tired boys.  This picture makes them seem so darn grown up to me.  Zeb is so funny when he first gets out of bed.  School mornings may be a little rough!  I can't wait for daylight savings to switch over and make the days seem shorter.  My life is easier when days are shorter :)

 Ike gets goofier by the day. and when kent is home- he's a zillion times goofier.  I can't let them sit next to each other at church because they are so irreverent.

 I'm not sure what all of these playdough creatures are but Zeb was really proud of them and wanted me to take a picture for the blog. Zeb thinks that when I take pictures- they automatically pop up on the blog.
 Metta is finally loving Kent.  She gets so excited when he gets home from work. She searches for him when she hears his voice. and she smiles at him like crazy!
 kent was off on Saturday so we went to a place called "Hazzards" for putt- putt.  that's what they call mini golf out here.  I thought Hazzards was a strange name for a mini golf course- and then we golfed it. It was nutso.
oh yeah- and this shirt zeb is wearing KILLS me.  I should have never caved at that yard sale.  I made him swear he'd only wear it to bed. and now he sneaks it on when Kent gets him dressed and I'm not around. the little rascal.
 On the golf course- it's nearly impossible to play without incurring all sorts of penalty strokes.  The golf balls float- and they've got nets everywhere to catch your skeewompous strokes.

the boys loved it.  although we almost lost Zeb and Ike into the water a few times.  and I couldn't stop thinking about this story where a young girl died on a mini golf course when she got electrocuted after wading in after a lost ball!!
this was Ike's favorite hole.  the ball got carried down stream and into a giant pond near another hole!
and then after golf we went for ice cream cones.  Zeb was in the back of the van and started getting really frustrated.  Kent asked him what was wrong and he screamed: "it's so STINKING hot back here and I am so DANG hungry!".  hmmm.  I wonder where he got those phrases.

* laney- here's the closeup. it's a super mario sluggers half jersey/half t-shirt. it's hideous.


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

Ha!! Those words do sound familiar. What a crazy golf course.

Anonymous said...

What is on Zeb's shirt? I can't see it! I want a close up. And I still can't post comments unless it's anonymous.


Michelle said...

That golf course sounds SO fun!

Ike looks super tall to me. MAN! They are getting big.

Cutie-pa-tooties! We miss having that crazy Uncle Kent around to goof off with!

yaya said...

What a fun group you created! That Metta is so her red hair! I looked over the book list from the other post and was happy to see I have read many of on to the others. Thanks for sharing that! Have a great week Leisy!