Tuesday, August 28, 2012

our days without Zeb.

So- I'm glad to know that Zeb's first day of school made so many of my readers tear up :)  I didn't cry a bit.  Not one tear shed. In fact- Metta and Ike and I are living it up.

Okay- so we  do miss him a little.  It's just that this school thing is so exciting for us all!  But- as soon as Zeb comes home, Ike tells him about EVERY single thing we did.  Including about the secret trip to Mcdonalds for an ice cream cone.  Ike was supposed to keep that one under wraps so Zeb wouldn't feel bad!  Ike even went as far as to tell Zeb that we went through the 'driveway'.  That's what he calls the drive through.

Ike really does get excited to watch his own favorite shows and play his favorite games on the wii, though.  Plus- he can do his starfall games on the computer and work on his school worksheets without Zeb whispering the answers to him!  Zeb always tried to help but ended up doing his work for him.

I think Ike enjoys the new independence and freedom.  Although he has reverted back to carrying 'bobo' around with him. Must be his substitute friend.
 Metta is definitely living it up.  She changes more and more every day.  This past weekend she took up crawling.  Don't mind the terribly dirty rug. Vacuuming only happens once a day- at the end.
two months ahead of Ike! and leaps and bounds ahead of Zeb.  He never crawled- just army scooted.

this little rascal is just adorable.  super obnoxious in church because she wants to yell and spit and crawl around, though.  The next 12 months are going to be ROUGH. anybody want a baby for that time?   three hours- every sunday. She's yours.


Laney said...

That picture of Ike with bobo is really cute and a little sad. Tell him that he's Milly's favorite.

Laney said...

It works. I can finally comment again!

Emilee said...

I always think kindergarten is hardest on the next child down. They feel like their life heads out the door every morning and doesn't come home until after naptime. That stinks. So Ike is doing great if his only concession to Zeb being gone is needing his bear more.

Pat and Brent said...

Loved both posts. Glad Zeb is adjusting well and that Ike is doing OK without his big bro. Metta is such a doll. Wish I could take her during church! That goodbye kiss is seriously the cutest thing I've seen in a long time - so precious! Thanks for sharing.

The Semrads said...

You know we love all your kids but come on.... Ike is too cute.