Wednesday, August 8, 2012

post call celebration.

  Kent finished his intern year (first year of residency) in June and can now officially be 'on-call'.  It really isn't anything to celebrate considering it just means he now works 30 hour shifts every 3-4 days.  Before July his shifts were limited to 16 hours.  

The celebration -however- comes when his call shift ends!  If he's lucky- he gets a few hours of sleep during his thirty hour 'call' and gets home at noon on day 2- and then doesn't have to go back until the next morning!  woohoo.  that means we get a half day off :)  Today- we celebrated that half day in full force.

Adventure #1:
 Spent our 'cafe velo' groupon downtown along the river for lunch.  And this groupon happened to be free because three other people bought it from my link :)  thanks, friends!!  
wraps, hot dog, cookies, and pretzels. 
even with no naps- this chica was happy :)
and the weather was PERFECT.  80 degrees. lower humidity.  blue skies.
water fountains and wading pools to play in.

Adventure #2

After lunch and a walk we made our way over to Wezergyn gardens.  My kiddos love the giant stick maze.

and the water stuff is their favorite.  Here's another crazy Ike face.

what would these boys do without each other?!  
the sand pit is pretty fun, too. Dayton has some really fun places to play!  this has got to be one of our favorites! it's rarely crazy busy- and there's so much fun stuff to do!
and this place is beautiful!!
metta enjoyed it, too. even though she ripped off her bow and looks like a boy here :)

Adventure #3

After we were all exhausted from the sun and water we went to 'Bad Frog Yogurt' with another free groupon :)  I think we ate more in samples than the ice cream we actually paid for! the worker handed us a stack of ten sample cups and told us to test them all!
Unfortunately I finished off the evening with a.g.e.  Acute gastro enteritis.  Thanks for bringing that home, Kent!  he had it last friday/saturday.  I woke up at three this morning with terribly violent vomits and other unpleasantries and didn't ever get back to sleep.  I'm using purel and lysol like you wouldn't believe.  I canNOT live with explosively sick children- so send prayers this way that they don't get it.  please!!


Michelle said...

Super fun day! You take awesome pictures. Metta is just too pretty to look even close to a boy -- even without a bow. :)

Sorry for the sickness - fingers crossed that you're the last to get it.

Michelle said...

PS - Metta has THE cutest clothes! I love that gray ruffle shirt. :)

dockters said...

I LOVE post call days!! Love them!