Friday, August 31, 2012

I ♥ Groupon

Kent finished a month of  training new interns at the hospital with long days and nights and needed a fun way to end it!  It was hard work- but I think he really enjoyed the teaching aspect.  At the rotation's end- his interns even bought him krispy kreme donuts to say thank you.  The few times I went in to visit him- they always joked about how scary and mean he was- because obviously he's anything but mean and scary.   I don't even think I've ever heard his mean voice!!

 To celebrate the month's end- we cashed in a free night of babysitting by some friends and went on a groupon sponsored-SEGWAY tour around Dayton! It was so much fun.  so so much.

so- helmets aren't that flattering one me-  but I've got one on in every picture in the post so I'm just going to have to deal with it. and the helmet wearing was totally worth it for our night.  I love groupon.  I can't believe all of the wonder it has brought to our otherwise mediocre evenings and weekends.

Here's Kent going so fast.  Okay- well- the max speed is 12mph- but to get going that fast you have lean forward and it makes it look like you are going faster.  The segways move according to your body movements.  It's kind of scary really.  The hardest part is learning to just trust your body. If you get nervous and try to over correct yourself- you end up sending the segway flying or backwards or into traffic!  Our tour guide told us one guy even went straight into the river!
these things cost 6200 dollars a piece!!

The tour consisted of six riders and a tour guide. Our other four riders were hysterical. Typical Ohioan retirees.   And honestly-the Segways were a little intense for them.  One guy totally biffed it and went rolling off his.  He was bleeding and cussing up a storm. I loved it. and he was fine :)
Our tour was at least ten miles- and pretty unique.  This picture is for my Mom.  Carillon bells.  Kent is looking into whether or not they have a concert out on the lawn :)  
we segwayed through lots of dowontown dayton, past the University of Dayton- and all along the Riverscape Metropark.
Kent snapped this lovely shot while flying past on his machine.
We even toured around the Dayton Dragon's Fifth Third Field- and caught a few minutes of the game!

Right here is where the old guy wrecked.  He was trying to copy Kent and go around these flower pots BACKWARDs.   Kent was flying off curbs as well.   I wasn't quite so daring.
I would highly recommend a Segway tour around your city if they offer them!  We saw a ton of places we may have never seen otherwise- and had a blast.  

10 comments: said...

This is soooo cool. All I can think of is this song:

Please watch

Kent and Leisy said...

jess- that song is outrageous. and now it will not leave my head.

yaya said...

You guys have all the fun! What a great way to enjoy where you live. I think you look adorable in that helmet! You look amazing for being a new Mom too!

Motivated Mama said...

Oh my gosh, this looks SO fun! I've ridden a segway once, but only for a couple blocks. And you look cute in a helmet, so quit fishing for compliments! ;) Awesome date. Go Groupon!

Kent and Leisy said...

ha! thanks, Liz! But I really do think I look like a goof ball in a helmet. You and Dave should do the segway tour next time it's on groupon!! we loved it!

dockters said...

You guys are so great! That looks like so much fun. I'm afraid I would totally crash on one of those things! Were they hard to get used to?

Emilee said...

I have always wanted to do that! You guys look like you had so much fun.

Rebecca said...

Hey! All of that looks SO familiar! Glad you got a tour in style--looks like a blast.

Michelle said...

What a fun date!

Annie O said...

Find out when the next Carillon bell concert is and we'll be there (yes, I'll drag your dad along too).