Monday, August 13, 2012

I take too many pictures of my kids, don't I?!

 Here's the ragamuffin's three teeth.   this poor little girl has been teething her entire life- literally.  And it puts a major kink in our nap schedule lately.  She just fell asleep for her FIRST nap of the day- and it's three pm.  She's drugged and cranky- and just plain exhausted and sad.
There are blog posts all about Zeb's napping problems at this age, too. And it was all thanks to those darn teeth of his as well.
 we'll see if the blue spots on her gums pop into teeth- but I'm not sure.  They are bilaterally symmetrical- and in weird places- so they may just be her blood vessels coming through and not bruises?!  Zeb had some weird ones on his face that people always thought were bruises when he was little.  I think it's the pale skin I pass on to my kiddos.
 I really do love the binky. and I'm so glad that all of my kids have loved it too.
 Sometimes her hair just look so darn red- and other times you'd swear it wasn't red at all.   But I think her red eyebrows pretty much guarantee shes gonna be at least strawberry blonde!
 Zeb tries so hard to be the best brother! and he really is.   I think Metta looks most like him- but most of our friends say she's a little Ike.
 Her big open mouthed cackle smiles are my favorite thing ever.
 and upside down Ike.  His idea- not mine.  Because he was dying to get his picture taken, too.


Michelle said...

NEVER enough pictures of those kids! I always want more! :)

You take really good pictures. And those kiddos are so beautiful!

Justin and Jules said...

Is there even such a thing? And if I ever have a girl, you can bet there will be an over load of pics on my computer of her!

Annie O said...

I love those BIG brown eyes on Miss Metta. Cute children. You should bring them to Utah more often!



Amy and Craig said...

She reminds me of Zeb too, but I have yet to meet her in person so what do I know!? She's so cute!