Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 excited or nervous?!  the answer is excited. every time.  I am excited. He is excited. we are ALL excited for Kindergarten!!  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This morning we had his assessment- and tonight we had the open house to check out the school- and meet the teachers!  how cute is he? all grown up and going to school. I have been waiting for this day for quite some time :)
Last week we were at the store getting school supplies when he ventured down the backpack aisle. We already had a great backpack at home (5 cents, yard sale) that he was plenty happy with. And then he saw this beauty.

 After a lengthy conversation he said to me: "Mom, I have an idea.  How about I get to pick out my backpack for kindergarten?".  I couldn't argue with that.  And so out we walked with the lego star wars $9.99 backpack.  I think it's pretty hideous- but it makes him so so happy.

And tonight we shoved it full of his required (ten mile long!!) supplies list and went to his Open house.

I LOVE his school.  it's clean and new and happy and bright.  The Principal is so nice. He already knew our names :)  and the teachers are WONDERFUL.
 Kindergarten in this district is FULL day.  That's a big change- six hours a day- riding the bus- eating school lunch!  yikes! but honestly- as soon as I walked into his school I felt relieved. He is going to LOVE it. and to make matters infinitely better, one of my best friends here in Dayton just got hired as a teacher there! and is she is going to be Zeb's writing teacher!!  I am so happy.
 and his full time teacher is a friend who comes to my classes at the YMCA!   she's awesome.  There's a trampoline and balance beam in her classroom! and a kitchen! and only 18 kids in the class.
so- yeah. we're terribly excited if you couldn't tell.


Justin and Jules said...

Cohen starts full day school on Monday and to say the least, I am NOT excited! But Cohen is and that's all that matters. I'm glad Zeb is so thrilled! Can you believe we have kindergartners! Where did the time go!!! said...

Wow, couldn't have worked out better it sounds like! I am jealous. We're lacking a bit in the education area in Vegas. :)

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

What a beautiful school and happy boy. I love it!!!

Annie O said...

That made me cry. I remember dropping you and Laney off at your first day of kindergarten. Tell the truth, did you get a little teary?

Love you and tell Zeb we're so proud of him.


Pat and Brent said...

I think Zeb will always love learning. I'm happy he's excited but sad he's growing up so fast.
Good job on negotiating the backpack - it looks pretty cool (albeit on the heavy side).

Delaps said...

So exciting. I can't believe that all of our cute little rugrats are off to kindergarten. Ellie started kindergarten this week.

Michelle said...

Only 18 kids per class? holy cow! That is awesome. The back pack is way sweet, and Zeb looks adorable. Love how excited you guys are!