Thursday, August 16, 2012

the greene

 We finally made it over to the fountains at 'the greene' for the kiddos to play.  It's this fabulous outdoor shopping center with wonderful restaurants and stores and water fountains. It's usually too hot or too crowded for me.  And in the winter it's too cold.  Why does Ohio think they can pull off outdoor shopping centers?!  Plus it's about twenty minutes away and we don't go that direction often anyway.  But- Kent was post-call (1/2 day off!) so we went together.

Our kiddos were the only ones there!
The boys loved the fountains.   They never could figure out the patterns to know when the water would spray- so they just kept getting surprised.  Lots of giggles.  and really cold bums.

and lots of sprays up the nose.

It was the perfect day to watch people play in the water :)  It was about 85- but cloudy.  I wasn't too hot- and the boys said they weren't cold.
metta was very serious about the whole ordeal.  I really think she wanted to get in with them.

 Ike got super ticked near the end.  Something about a nutrigrain bar.  I think he was starving.
 crying kids are so obnoxious.  I took pictures and then ignored him.
 and here are two adorable pictures of the ragamuffin. so so cute.
 and so so happy.


Miranda G said...

I miss the Greene!! Looks like a fun day!! I miss my little Metta! I can't believe how big she is getting! Hugs to ur kiddos!

yaya said...

We have a really fun free outdoor water area at the Kroc Center which is the new Salvation Army. It's so fun for the kiddos and at lunch any child can have a free lunch if they want. (it helps out kids who don't get lunch when school is out). I love outdoor shopping areas. One of my favs is in my hometown and believe me it does get cold in Chicago during the Winter! That Metta has the prettiest mouth sweet!

Amy and Craig said...

I'm still so excited that you have a girl!!! Move out to Oregon with us!! I miss you guys!

Annie O said...

That Miss Metta is a cutie! So what does Kent's schedule look like for Christmas?