Friday, August 31, 2012

I ♥ Groupon

Kent finished a month of  training new interns at the hospital with long days and nights and needed a fun way to end it!  It was hard work- but I think he really enjoyed the teaching aspect.  At the rotation's end- his interns even bought him krispy kreme donuts to say thank you.  The few times I went in to visit him- they always joked about how scary and mean he was- because obviously he's anything but mean and scary.   I don't even think I've ever heard his mean voice!!

 To celebrate the month's end- we cashed in a free night of babysitting by some friends and went on a groupon sponsored-SEGWAY tour around Dayton! It was so much fun.  so so much.

so- helmets aren't that flattering one me-  but I've got one on in every picture in the post so I'm just going to have to deal with it. and the helmet wearing was totally worth it for our night.  I love groupon.  I can't believe all of the wonder it has brought to our otherwise mediocre evenings and weekends.

Here's Kent going so fast.  Okay- well- the max speed is 12mph- but to get going that fast you have lean forward and it makes it look like you are going faster.  The segways move according to your body movements.  It's kind of scary really.  The hardest part is learning to just trust your body. If you get nervous and try to over correct yourself- you end up sending the segway flying or backwards or into traffic!  Our tour guide told us one guy even went straight into the river!
these things cost 6200 dollars a piece!!

The tour consisted of six riders and a tour guide. Our other four riders were hysterical. Typical Ohioan retirees.   And honestly-the Segways were a little intense for them.  One guy totally biffed it and went rolling off his.  He was bleeding and cussing up a storm. I loved it. and he was fine :)
Our tour was at least ten miles- and pretty unique.  This picture is for my Mom.  Carillon bells.  Kent is looking into whether or not they have a concert out on the lawn :)  
we segwayed through lots of dowontown dayton, past the University of Dayton- and all along the Riverscape Metropark.
Kent snapped this lovely shot while flying past on his machine.
We even toured around the Dayton Dragon's Fifth Third Field- and caught a few minutes of the game!

Right here is where the old guy wrecked.  He was trying to copy Kent and go around these flower pots BACKWARDs.   Kent was flying off curbs as well.   I wasn't quite so daring.
I would highly recommend a Segway tour around your city if they offer them!  We saw a ton of places we may have never seen otherwise- and had a blast.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

our days without Zeb.

So- I'm glad to know that Zeb's first day of school made so many of my readers tear up :)  I didn't cry a bit.  Not one tear shed. In fact- Metta and Ike and I are living it up.

Okay- so we  do miss him a little.  It's just that this school thing is so exciting for us all!  But- as soon as Zeb comes home, Ike tells him about EVERY single thing we did.  Including about the secret trip to Mcdonalds for an ice cream cone.  Ike was supposed to keep that one under wraps so Zeb wouldn't feel bad!  Ike even went as far as to tell Zeb that we went through the 'driveway'.  That's what he calls the drive through.

Ike really does get excited to watch his own favorite shows and play his favorite games on the wii, though.  Plus- he can do his starfall games on the computer and work on his school worksheets without Zeb whispering the answers to him!  Zeb always tried to help but ended up doing his work for him.

I think Ike enjoys the new independence and freedom.  Although he has reverted back to carrying 'bobo' around with him. Must be his substitute friend.
 Metta is definitely living it up.  She changes more and more every day.  This past weekend she took up crawling.  Don't mind the terribly dirty rug. Vacuuming only happens once a day- at the end.
two months ahead of Ike! and leaps and bounds ahead of Zeb.  He never crawled- just army scooted.

this little rascal is just adorable.  super obnoxious in church because she wants to yell and spit and crawl around, though.  The next 12 months are going to be ROUGH. anybody want a baby for that time?   three hours- every sunday. She's yours.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

the real deal- a kindergartner.

 The bus shows up at 7:40!!  that is going to be cold and dark come January.  Zeb complained he was cold on this morning- and it's August still!
we tromped out to the stop (luckily just at the end of the culdesac) bright and early to send Zeb on his way for the first day!!   He was so excited for the bus.  Here's his face when he spotted it. In the cute little 'kindergartner' shirts they have to wear the first few days!
There were two other boys at the stop with us- and I asked if they'd help him on the bus and make sure he didn't get too scared!  When he got on- he ended up sitting right between them (3 to the seat).  He was so excited and so nervous at the same time he didn't know what to do with himself.

I made him say goodbye to Ike and this is what happened.  Zeb never gives kisses- and I can't believe Ike allowed this.  I think they were actually both nervous about the morning's events.

 Once Zeb got on the bus- we followed it to school :)
 At the school we gathered in the gym where they had all of the kindergartners meet with their teachers/classes.  They brought them all directly from the bus but Zeb was missing! I got nervous thinking he'd gotten lost or never made it off the bus- so I went searching.  I found him in the cafeteria sitting at a table eating his lunch!!  He saw kids eating breakfast and just assumed it was time to eat lunch!  It was terribly cute.  He was so nervous and just trying so hard to do what everyone else around him was doing!

I helped him gather up his turkey and goldfish and we hurried to the gym. I got a picture with his teacher, Mrs. Violet.  Such a perfect name for a kindergarten teacher.    Being the terrible parents that we are- we showed Zeb the movie Matilda the week of school.  So first off- he asked Mrs. Violet if the principal had a "chokey" where he put bad kids.  To his relief- there is no chokey.
 Lined up and ready to go!  He's one of the shorter in his class- but he's probably one of the youngest, too.  Kent and I considered waiting a year to start kindergarten but decided this was the year for him.
 All set in his desk and ready to go!  Apparently the first day was great.  His bus came home seven minutes EARLY so I missed him getting off ( I saw the bus pull up as we were running to the stop!!).  It made him a littler nervous- but luckily some parents who had been there that morning pointed me out to him!
I got to chat with both his teacher and my friend and they said he had a great fist day!  He almost fell asleep a few times while doing  their craft, though!  we are definitely having to work back into an early bed time!  The full day is a long six hours for little five year olds! and he didn't eat his lunch. He told me his stomach felt full.  Just like Kent!  can't eat when he's nervous or stressed!!  good thing he ate half his lunch before class started :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 excited or nervous?!  the answer is excited. every time.  I am excited. He is excited. we are ALL excited for Kindergarten!!  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This morning we had his assessment- and tonight we had the open house to check out the school- and meet the teachers!  how cute is he? all grown up and going to school. I have been waiting for this day for quite some time :)
Last week we were at the store getting school supplies when he ventured down the backpack aisle. We already had a great backpack at home (5 cents, yard sale) that he was plenty happy with. And then he saw this beauty.

 After a lengthy conversation he said to me: "Mom, I have an idea.  How about I get to pick out my backpack for kindergarten?".  I couldn't argue with that.  And so out we walked with the lego star wars $9.99 backpack.  I think it's pretty hideous- but it makes him so so happy.

And tonight we shoved it full of his required (ten mile long!!) supplies list and went to his Open house.

I LOVE his school.  it's clean and new and happy and bright.  The Principal is so nice. He already knew our names :)  and the teachers are WONDERFUL.
 Kindergarten in this district is FULL day.  That's a big change- six hours a day- riding the bus- eating school lunch!  yikes! but honestly- as soon as I walked into his school I felt relieved. He is going to LOVE it. and to make matters infinitely better, one of my best friends here in Dayton just got hired as a teacher there! and is she is going to be Zeb's writing teacher!!  I am so happy.
 and his full time teacher is a friend who comes to my classes at the YMCA!   she's awesome.  There's a trampoline and balance beam in her classroom! and a kitchen! and only 18 kids in the class.
so- yeah. we're terribly excited if you couldn't tell.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

she eats! (sort of)

 She's six months old now so I suppose it's time to start introducing solids.  With almost seven teeth( 3 full and four coming in) and all- she's telling me she's been ready for awhile now.

We went all out and started with a mix of spinach, a smidgen of rice cereal, and even a touch of pears (cause she's a little constipated).

The Gerber baby spoons turned out to be the world's best teething toys.

 Unfortunately for Metta, there seems to be an unwanted side effect.  She gags herself. a lot.
 the pictures are priceless.

Her little elfy yoda ears are just like mine (and laney's) when I was a baby!
I'd ask is she looks more like me or Laney here- but I have no idea who is who so it doesn't really matter.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

the greene

 We finally made it over to the fountains at 'the greene' for the kiddos to play.  It's this fabulous outdoor shopping center with wonderful restaurants and stores and water fountains. It's usually too hot or too crowded for me.  And in the winter it's too cold.  Why does Ohio think they can pull off outdoor shopping centers?!  Plus it's about twenty minutes away and we don't go that direction often anyway.  But- Kent was post-call (1/2 day off!) so we went together.

Our kiddos were the only ones there!
The boys loved the fountains.   They never could figure out the patterns to know when the water would spray- so they just kept getting surprised.  Lots of giggles.  and really cold bums.

and lots of sprays up the nose.

It was the perfect day to watch people play in the water :)  It was about 85- but cloudy.  I wasn't too hot- and the boys said they weren't cold.
metta was very serious about the whole ordeal.  I really think she wanted to get in with them.

 Ike got super ticked near the end.  Something about a nutrigrain bar.  I think he was starving.
 crying kids are so obnoxious.  I took pictures and then ignored him.
 and here are two adorable pictures of the ragamuffin. so so cute.
 and so so happy.