Thursday, October 7, 2010

For the first time in two weeks I feel like I can finally breathe. I can finally sleep. and I can finally relax a little.  Besides the fact that I shelled out 500+ dollars to get shots and drills shoved into my mouth to get a root canal- I feel fabulous.  This week has been the longest that I've had since Kent has been gone to texas and Dayton- and it's ONLY wednesday.  I'm hoping the next two days sail by.

I've been trying all sorts of things to keep us super busy while Kent is gone- and for the most part being distracted has done wonders for us.  I started teaching my new 'run your first 5k' class at the Y this week and it is going to be a lot of fun! 

Zeb has been doing lots of play time with friends.  Here he is with his pals Kiersten and Audrey watching 'Misty Island Rescue'.  This particular part of the movie is really stressful (as you can see from the girls' faces) but Zeb already knows the outcome so he is trying to explain to his friends that everything is going to be okay. When he watched the first time he was actually crying at this part because he thought that Diesel was going to fall off the cliff.
This little guy is so so funny. He is twenty months old and pretty fun.  Zeb at this age was sooooooo hard.  It may have been because Ike was born just two days after his twenty month mark, though. He was full of screams and tantrums and nastiness. It was really rough for awhile there. I'm sure Ike will hit the stage at some point- but thankfully right now he's pretty darn good.
He loooves his blanket and 'bobos'.  here is is trying to eat a pumpkin muffin (healthy enough for breakfast, right?!) and carry everything at once.


M- your favorite said...

They are such cute kids. Great pictures!

Linz said...

Sorry about the dental awfulness. I feel your pain!!

I am so excited for you class at the Y!! How fun! I wanna teach too!!! :)

Your kids are so darling!!

Erin said...

I tried your peach chicken recipe tonight, and it was great! We sure miss you guys. Your kids are sooo funny and cute!

Michelle said...

I love these pictures!! Those girls are REALLY stressed out! What a great memory to capture Zebby's calming and explaining. Sweetie. Ike is so SO cute.

Would it be hard to put together a blog of the basics of what your "Run a 5K" class consists of? That sounds so confusing to me. Are you guys on tread mills? Is your class outside? I'm super curious ... but, I also need some major motivation (in simplified form, of course. haha)

Sure love you guys!