Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm not kidding AT ALL when I say that Zeb  asked over 100 times to 'go back to Indiana' as we drove away. And it was more of a high pitched whine mixed with tears and angry grunts.  This kid had waaaay too much fun with his good pal Sam.  We spent the night with our good friends, the Dockters, in Indianapolis. 

I think that Sam qualifies as Zeb's first friend.  They lived directly across the hall from us here in Toledo and Zeb started having playdates at six months.  Their friendship has obviously not waned. They laughed and screamed and giggled and ran and flew until they collapsed with exhaustion.  They shared a bunk bed to go to sleep and seriously stayed up until MIDNIGHT giggling with each other about barbies and tinkerbell?!  I could NOT believe they stayed up so long.
After the race that morning we checked out downtown Indy and met up with some other good friends, the Curtises, who also left Toledo last year.  Hillarie also got to stick around and check out the place.

Indianapolis is one of the coolest cities I've seen. I absolutely loved it.  They have this amazing canal walk downtown and all sorts of fun stuff to see and do.

Here are the men with their cool double strollers and rugrats.

And here's tortured Zeb.  We stuck him up high on the tusk of a giant Mastadont sculpture to take a picture and he kind of freaked. We like to torture our chidlren so I snapped a few pictures and then we got him down.
My two favorite parts of the day were:
#1 -going to the top of this monument.

It was hot and stuffy and extremely claustrophobic.  This is a shot of us going up in the elevator. For some reason I love being jammed in elevators and being in rickety scary places.  Plus- we did get to see a great view of the city.

and #2 - this pizza.  I realize I'm not looking at the camera- but look at the Pizza. I LOVE Pizza and this stuff was amazing. I'm sure I was super hungry from running the race that morning- but this stuff was delicious. And eating it on the streets with friends made it all the better.

 After dinner we played around at the monument a bit longer and just enjoyed the perfect weather.  Did I mention that I really love this city? It was probably because we were with such great people- but either way  It was so much fun!
Thanks so much for hosting us Dockters! and for getting together with us Curtises!!  We will be back!!


Steve and Hailey said...

I don't really know who any of those people are, but the pictures make it look SO fun! I especially like the daddies pushing kids! Cool picture. Okay the pizza though...too much food (quantity) altogether makes me sick.

Annie O said...

Are those ALL boys in those strollers? And what a lucky girl you are to have such great friends--I miss you Hillarie!

Delaps said...

It sounds like you had teh best trip. How fun it is to keep in touch with friends.

dockters said...

We really loved seeing you guys!! It felt like it had been forever. Thanks for coming! And tell Zeb he can come back to Indiana anytime! We'll be excited to see you again! the picture of Zeb on the Mastadont.

pps...hate the picture of me on the steps. What was I doing?!

yaya said...

I love the pic of the guys with the strollers...and that is my kind of pizza! You always seem to enjoy any place you're about visiting a Halloween party in Ashland this Sat. night at 6:00?

brittani c. said...

Umkay...I'm the only one with the hand on my hip? Nice one, Britt. It was so fun to see you too; Linds and I are totally coming back for a reunion in Toledo.

I laughed out loud when you said you wanted your ashes scattered in Swan Creek Park. I think you should make it official in your Will.

Cynthia said...

what a fun trip..that would be really cool if you do live up in Dayton for a couple years because then you would be so close to Lindsay.

The pizza looks delicious. I think I will have to have Lindsay show me where that place is the next time I am in Indy.

And the pictures of the views Dayton are gorgeous. You belong in a city with four seasons.