Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lots of catch up!!

I married the perfect man.  He knows that 'I'll be back by ten at the latest' means 'you don't have to wait up- but I'd love if you did and I'll probably won't be later than midnight!'.

 He also knows when I say 'let's go apple picking' - it really means 'let's go to the apple orchard so you can corral the kiddos and watch them while I take pictures'.

His last night in town we went to MacQueens for apple picking.  It was pretty toasty for mid october- but we still had a lot of fun.
 Most of the apples were either on the ground or too high in the trees for us to reach- so we just had fun running up and down the rows, playing around, and snacking on the occasional fallen apple.

Out of the zillions and zillions of apples all over- somehow Ike found the one stray dirty baseball amongst them. I'm not entirely sure what the pouty face is all about in this picture but I'm sure it was Zeb related.These kiddos have the best lower lips and matching sour faces to go with them.
Living near an apple orchard is a 'must have' on my list of requirements for our next place of residence.  I'm pretty sure that includes Dayton and excludes San Antonio.  I love the colors of fall harvests, trees, and skies.
 And Kent, Zeb, and Ike love the taste of Apple Cider Donuts.
 Zeb is getting pretty good at smiling for me when I ask.  He also just seems to be a pretty happy (although somewhat emotional) kid in general. He stills says the funniest things. Yesterday while driving home he told me: "mom, you are a really good driver".  I asked him if Kent was a good driver to which he replied: "he's getting better".  For what ever reason, he loves to comment on our driving on a regular basis.  He often chastises Kent for braking too harshly or not moving fast enough in heavy traffic.


yaya said...

I love the pic of all the apples and Kent and kiddos in the background! Very artsy! Just gotta love this time of year!

Shelly and Ken said...

Ohio has the best fall colors. I love it and missed it this year.

HowellAZ said...

Those are some great pictures you took! I really love the one of the tree. The colors are amazing! Looks like you guys are enjoying fall. :)

Michelle said...

Holy picture taking, Leisy!! You are a fabulous photographer! What adorable kiddos. Zeb looks so much like I remember Kent as a little boy (except Kent had ultra blonde hair).

I am laughing so hard at Zeb's "back seat driving". LOL!! I'm glad Kent's driving seems to be improving. That is hilarious.

I love that Ikey found a random baseball. That is awesome. I enjoy him so much!

Delaps said...

Leisy your pictures are great!

Kenna said...

If you move to Dayton and find a good orchard, let me know. So far we haven't found one that is as fun and family friendly as MacQueens!