Thursday, October 14, 2010

school at our place.

School was at our house this past Monday (co-op preschool with friends) and Zeb loved it. He thought it was pretty exciting to have school here- with his DAD nonetheless! and I'd have to say that things went pretty flawlessly.  But mostly because kent was around.  I don't know what I'll do next time I have to teach by myself!!  The real problem is our rascal, Ike. He isn't old enough to really do the crafts or activities with us but he desperately wants to. So instead of sitting patiently with us - he wreaks HAVOC.

We learned about insects and their six legs and two antennae and three body segments- and then we did a whole lot of the letter 'c'. We painted egg carton caterpillars that then magically transformed inside of chrysalises into butterflies.  Kent made that magic happen while we read books and danced 'crazily' and 'creepily'.

We also spent some time outside insect hunting and bug drawing with chalk.
 Zeb loves to learn and I'm so excited about it!  I can't wait to send him off to 'real' school :)


Kent said...

I love how surprised they all acted when they uncovered the butterflies!!! I would be there every month if I could. I loved it. You are an amazing teacher and very creative!

Kent said...
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Delaps said...

Ellie was so excited to go to Zebs house for preschool. It is so fun to teach these little guys. Kidzone here comes Ike on your monday to teach.

yaya said...

Leisy, frankly that is "real" school.. What a great idea and how fun for those little learners to have such creative parents. Lucky kiddos in Toledo!