Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm holding on to fall.

It was pretty chilly thursday morning and there were only two of us- but we still had walking group :) and I loved it.
There is this one small grove of trees at swan creek park that always turns colors later than the rest. It's a cluster of dense foliage with tall tall trees. Of all the wonderful spots at swan creek- I think that it's my very very favorite.
I know for sure that thursday was my very last day of breathtaking trees- so we veered from our normal walking path and visited my favorite spot!
It's got a few good views of the river- so even the boys loved it!  Plus, they were pretty excited to wear their winter coats for the first time this season.
Renae pointed out this lovely collection of fungi and I couldn't resist a picture.  Who doesn't love fungi?
It was even semi warm enough to play around at the park for a little while after walking.

Ike found the most ridiculously large stick and ran around with it like a maniac.  We're lucky that nobody lost an eye.
Goodbye colors. Goodbye leaves. And soon to come- goodbye walking group!


HowellAZ said...

Love the pictures of those cuties all bundled up! Good job at all your photography - they turn out really great!

yaya said...

I'm sorry to see this fall end. It was so pretty this year. Ike and Eddy would get along great...he loves sticks better than anything! (except human food) Nice pics of the leaves and those two cuties!

Michelle said...

That picture of the fungi is so dang cool! Almost like it's out of an "elfish land" book or something. hahaha! I'm also loving Ike with that big huge stick. His face is just wild joy!

I can't believe Halloween is over ... at least, here in Utah it is. :) Not planning on any trick-or-treaters tomorrow.

What a great "Ode to Fall" as it comes to an end.

Erin said...

Your pictures are amazing Leisy! So sad that fall is nearly gone.

Steve and Hailey said...

Just reading this gives me anxiety! I don't want to say goodbye to fall. the leaves on our trees are pretty much gone and it's sickening. No WINTER! Steve and I have been checking the average temps for Chicago for November-March and we are already missing Utah...weatherwise.