Saturday, January 22, 2011

I don't know how it's possible that so many of us ended up in this part of the country at the same time! I LOVE that we have family all over the place.  We went to Chicago so that Kent could take the last set of his boards- but we made it a fabulous vacation and mini cousin reunion, too.

Cousin Hailey and her husband Steve live in Chicago- as do cousin Robert and his wife Laura.  Plus Amy and Craig made the trek over from Grand Rapids and we had a blast.  I really do have the greatest cousins EVER. I just wish that ALL the cousins lived in the midwest.

We all went to church together and let our ten rugrats make lots of noise together!  Plus we spent plenty of time talking, laughing, and eating!  I love that we all get along so well and that we all married such great people who also get along so well.

I hope that when I have a little girl she has curly pigtails and chubby cheeks like Sophie and Kate! 
Here are most of the boys playing on the computer.
Cousin Roberto has the coolest flight simulator on his computer that was the hit of the night at their place.
And here's Kent playing some duets with Annie.  I think Kent is pretty excited for our kiddos to get old enough to do cool stuff like this. 
Getting to see so much family was definitely the highlight of our trip (Zeb has been crying for his cousins DAILY) but I've also got buckets more pictures of our adventures in the actual city and of our snow adventures. Hopefully I can get them posted all in one big swoop tomorrow.


SDL said...

What a party!

yaya said...

My kind of town..Chicago is my kind of really it Mommy lives there. Looks like a fun, barrel full of cousins kind of fun!

Laney said...

this just makes me sad that I wasn't there.

Steve and Hailey said...

What a fun post! Poor Laney we missed you. Saying good-bye is always the worst. When you guys were gone I felt so sad and cranky. Steve is used to this reaction and he accommodates quite nicely.

LauraJ said...

So so fun to see you guys! I love the pics (although, I wish we could get Kate to appear an insy-weensy bit happy in pictures). I can't believe how tall Peter is! Also - Robert and I have been commenting ever since you left that we wish we could sit and play duets with Annie - that was so fun!

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