Wednesday, January 12, 2011

warning. graphic pictures.

I've been meaning to post this since last week when it happened- but I keep getting distracted. And now- since Modern Family isn't on tonight like I had thought it would be- I have time.

And if you are wondering why on earth I post things like this- then you don't know me very well.  I am a journaler.  A documenter of the fabulous, mundane, terrible, and crazy things that happen to me and those around me.

Laney got CRAZY sick right after we left Buffalo for christmas and ended up in the hospital for SIX days! She was admitted from the ER with pancreatitis and spent the six days getting all sorts of tests performed. She had an MRI, CAT scan, ultra sounds, scopes, removal of stones from pancreas and ducts, blood tests, ridiculously long fasts, and surgery resulting in one less organ. 

Let it be known that Kent and I BOTH urged her for the past year or so to get her gall bladder checked out (considering I had mine out).  It turns out that recently her stones started escaping out of the gall bladder and getting stuck in places they shouldn't (common bile duct, liver, pancreas) - causing major issues- so they took it out as soon as she had recovered enough from pancreatitis and liver issues.

I love that she got pictures because I'm fairly certain that my gall bladder looked the same way!  And she didn't get to keep stones like I did- but from the pictures of hers they appear to be the same size and look of mine.
 My stones post surgery.
So I'm pretty bummed that she's back to having fewer organs than me- but I'm anxiously waiting for my appendix to go!


boysmum2 said...

No wonder they slipped through and she got real sick, little ones like that are a pain

Michelle said...

You are hilarious, Leisy!

Poor Laney. That all sounds miserable and a half! I hope she's feeling back to normal. Bless her heart!

yaya said...

I've seen many horrible gall-bags in my time and that's a doozy for sure! I'm glad it's out and hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. Nice pics BTW! Gee, I feel like I just left work!

Laney said...

you really don't want appendicitis. It hurts BAD!

Steve and Hailey said...

I love Yaya's comment! It looks like it's stuffed with corn. Laney, you told me that corn went right through you, but apparently it got stuck in your gall bladder.

lam said...
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