Tuesday, January 4, 2011

 Most ridiculous place to go at night when it's below freezing due to wind chill: Niagara Falls.

We decided to go anyway.
It was beyond freezing.  Not only was the wind chill bone aching- we also got WET.  The falls continue to emit their famous 'mist' even in the dead of winter.  The walkways are completely iced over and anything in the vicinity is completely overtaken by a THICK shell of ice.  And did I mention that the views were LAME-o?!  You can't see a thing because they close the best viewing walkways due to dangerous conditions.
 The sum of all those factors made our late night excursion pretty darn fun.  Because who isn't laughing and smiling when they're this miserable?!  Our family tends to make the best out of every situation :)
 Check out these happy binocs!
 If you haven't seen the falls lit up at Christmas time- I don't really recommend it- but if you have to go- you might as well go with a group of fun people :)  We really did enjoy the screaming and slipping and freezing.
 And it was all worth it to the kiddos because we got to go back to the hotel afterwards and grandpa treated the boys to cheetos and hot chocolate.
 They were in heaven.
 And the little ones just crashed.

Milly in her boy coat.
And Ike on Daysa's lap.  Thanks, Days.


Annie O said...

Aren't we just the funnest people?

Michelle said...

It takes a pretty dang fun group of people to withstand those freezing conditions! :) Glad you guys had fun! And created some fun memories.

Cheetos and hot chocolate fix just about anything in my book.


Pat and Brent said...

There's a lot of warmth when you're around fun people you love to be with. Looks like A LOT of fun.