Sunday, January 2, 2011

We're back from our New Year's festivities! and I'm trying to get back to blogging. I think  I'm just going to do one long big post.
Christmas eve dinner was delicious ( I have no idea why I didn't get a picture!). We had Chinese, pizza, sushi, Indian food, and some other odds and ends.  We did our traditional pixie pals (home made gift) via Skype with Metta and Clair at home and aunt Mary on the phone!   

Mom had to work for her gift by moving this cookie into her mouth using her facial muscles. She had to play a little game of minute to win it.
I scored these fabulous hand warmers and scarf from aunt mary! thanks, mary!
But I think the winner of the night was Clair's handmade duct tape fashionable zebra print purse.  Very very impressive, Clair. I need to get a picture of it.

Pretty soon after that the the kiddos put on their matching pjs and then we sent them to bed. As much fun as Christmas is with kiddos- they sure can get cranky when they're tired.
Christmas morning was perfect.  We didn't get out of bed until eight and then we let the rugrats run out to see what Santa left. Zeb was far more interested in seeing if the carrots were gone than he was to see the presents.

The kids were spoiled. With seven aunts, a nannie annie, a gma pat, two grandpas, AND santa- they brought home the goods.

When Zeb opened his most important santa request- he shouted: "This is it! this is all I ever wanted!!".  It was really cute. He was shaking he was so excited.
I think Ike scored three or four Pez dispensers and loved each and every one.
We had a good amount of snow in Buffalo but the roads were super clear and I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas weather wise. 
The boys got zhu-zhu pets from Metta and they were a hit. I find the creatures terribly annoying- but the kids loved them.
We actually saved one present to open the day after Christmas. Gramps and Nannie Annie brought these crazy fun race track sets for the boys and they loved them. Ike would laugh and laugh every time the cars went through a little gate that made a funny sound.

Kent surprised me with a new camera lens! woohoo!!  I can't wait to get some good use out of it!
and I surprised Kent with non refundable tickets for the two of us to go skydiving!!  I am beyond excited- and I think he is too.
Christmas was wonderful in every way.


yaya said...

What a great Christmas! I'm glad your family could come and visit. The kiddos look so cute! Hey, isn't there a girl cousin in there somewhere? That little train set is amazing...Now, that sky diving gift is totally crazy! But it's so you two! Have a wonderful 2011, I'm sure it's going to be jam packed with adventures!

Jessica said...

Jakey got the same tracks for Christmas and he too commented on the sound that the gates make. Him and I have such fun setting up crazy roads and watching the trucks go round and round.
Sounds like ya'll had a great time! I was born in Buffalo and know just how nasty the roads can get, but they usually do a darn good job of clearing them quickly.

Tanner Mills said...

i wanna sky dive sooo bad.

mrs. m said...

I have GOT to see this duck-tape purse! Our girls got a zhu-zhu village this year--it's pretty cool to watch them do their thing!

The Jackson Family said...

I am NOT jealous about skydiving! But I love that train track-what is it called?

ahewitson said...

I HATE Zhu Zhu pets! My nieces all got some for Christmas this year and last year. You probably won't have this problem with boys, but two nieces' hair got eaten by the Zhu Zhus this Christmas and last Christmas. Not only are their repeated squeakings annoying, but you must keep them away from hair!!