Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our computer is fixed!!  hooray!!

 I banished the kiddos to their bedroom to clean up their train tracks and not long after the door shut I heard Zeb yelling: "Sit down! You have to sit down right here!".  I didn't think anything of it until he continued: "No, Ikey- you go poo in the toilet!"  Luckily we didn't have any poo on the floor- Zeb was just trying to teach Ike how to use the toilet. I guess Ike had told Zeb that he needed to poo- and Zeb got his pants and diaper off and helped him to the kiddy toilet in their bathroom.
 Ike got bored before anything happened and Zeb got frustrated.  Here he is explaining that big boy poo goes in the toilet- not in diapers. 
I really think that Ike is wanting to potty train- but I'm not ready!!  I hope he doesn't lose interest in the next few months.  I feel like he's a little too young to do effective, fast, and relatively accident free training so we are going to wait a little longer.

And here's Ike with his favorite snack.  I still can't get either kid to eat bread- but Ike will eat peanut butter.


brittani c. said...

That first photo really had me thinking you were already starting teach Ike to use the toilet. I haven't even started thinking about it, nor are we "ready" either. When that time comes, I really need to borrow Zeb since he's such an expert. Do you mind?

Rebecca said...

Leisy, please tell me how to potty train! We've been trying for a while now with NO improvement.

Nate and Jessica said...

Remind me to never have a PB sandwich at your house.

boysmum2 said...

awesome, such fun