Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cletus' debut

Here is Cletus (it's a fetus)! We are on round two and Zeb is going to be a big brother. I think I'm a little more excited to be having another baby. The thought of having to start all over again with the night time feedings, burpings, dirty spit-up rags, crying for no reason buisness is a little much for Leisy. She would much rather it be in than out, but give Cletus a sex, a name and maybe three or four months and Leisy will be good to go! We are not finding out what we are having (it's so much more fun that way)!

(Sidenote: I had strep throat. Dang those quick strep tests that only work 30% of the time! I'm feeling much better after the antibiotic.)


brittani c. said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said there were going to be a lot of rugrats being friends together. Congrats to the two of you...and Zeb.
P.S. Strep throat is the pits. I feel your pain.

Linz said...

Congratulations!!! That is exciting, although I totally understand Leisy!! The thought of a newborn kills me everytime I think about it (No, I'm not pregnant)!

So when is Cletus due? Those ultrasounds look at least 12 weeks? Congrats!!

Tanner Mills said...


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Congratulations! I am very excited for you guys! Two kiddos, wow! Sounds & looks like Ohio is treating you well.

Dhoffs said...

Leisy, I cannot believe it, but congratulations! I (once again) think you are superwoman.

Michelle said...

Is that top picture a front view of the face? I think it is - and THAT looks like a girl! ;)

The other pictures (profiles) look like a mini Zeb to me .... so, my official guess is a boy, I suppose.

I love in-womb pictures. They are so miraculous and sweet. Technology is amazing.

Congrats you guys!

Janna Mills said...

yay for baby cletus!!!! i hope it is a boy so you can name him cletus :)