Monday, October 6, 2008

A Random Shout-out

I just wanted to thank a few people for helping me get through this crazy weekend:
  • The makers of Excedrin, Advil and Tylenol. I couldn't have done it without you guys.
  • A competent physician who prescribed an antibiotic when the "virus" kept getting worse. (This was the worst sore throat I've yet experienced. I would wake up at night not being able to swallow! My tonsils look ridiculously huge with white spots all over them and red spots all over my palate - I took a picture but I don't want to subject you all to a look down my throat. I think my mother-in-law would stop reading our blog).
  • My family for all the prayers they made to help get me through my test.
  • The makers of this CVS pharmacy commercial that Zeb will stop whatever he's doing to watch. It helped with a few breathing treatments this week.
  • My incredibly patient wife who loves me even when I am completely miserable and mean. Zeb was not a good sleeper this weekend and I couldn't (wouldn't) get up with him! Leisy is extraordinary and does so much everyday it amazes me. She's carrying Cletus the fetus, not sleeping at night, teaching early morning seminary, and still finds time to train for and run a 5k!! She makes me dinner and always reminds me to eat (when I'm stressed I forget), she keeps the boy entertained and teaches him new tricks everyday. She is the best wife I've ever had! Probably the best I'll ever have, and definitely the best in the world! Thank you Leis - I LOVE you!!


Jenni said...

Cletus, huh....?

Jason & Shannon said...

The fetus? Another baby? What a great wife! I hate being sick, I now have a sore throat and stuffy nose, I hate it! Glad you're getting better though!

Amber said...

Another little one on the way?! Congratulations you guys.

Linz said...

Feel better soon Kent!

Ummm - Cletus? Did I miss a formal announcment, or is this it! Congrats!!! (And I hope you are feeling okay Leisy!)

Susan said...

You totally let it slip Kent! Is Leisy totally mad? I hope you are feeling better. Any idea what the virus is?

boysmum2 said...

Guess I am not the only one to put 2+2 together and get 6!
WOW, if I am correct then cletus fetus is awesome. I am so happy for you both.
If not then Kent you have very weird names for your wife and I pity her!
Congrats from New Zealand

tiff said...

really? is clets the fetus the formal announcment?

i wuld love to look down your throat. that sounds like an amazing picture.

hope you feel better

Cynthia and Steve said...

Glad the meds worked and congrats on the announcement of Cletus.Love the profile shots.