Wednesday, October 22, 2008

zeb post

Zeb has perfected the art of fake laughing. He knows that his laugh will elicit a reaction from us so he uses it to his benefit. When he laughs for his Thomas whistle- he knows that I'll blow it again..and again and again. I apologize for the ketchup in his eyebrows. He got a little carried away at lunchtime.

His new favorite thing to do is wrestle with his giant Tigger. Being naked is not a new favorite thing. He has always loved it (I wonder where he gets that).
Here's a late addition to zeb's post. He looks forward to his breathing treatments everyday because he gets to listen to his favorite music. It mesmerizes him (which works out quite nicely for the 7 minutes it takes to get through his pulmicort dose).

Some of his new favorite words are tractor, sorry, wow-wow, 1-2-3...go, and socks. Oh, and he finally says "up" instead of "puh". Actually it's more like "pup" now- but whatever.


Michelle said...

He looks so big!!! I can't wait to see you guys again.

Linz said...

He is so cute! I love his laugh! So sweet!

tiff said...

he is cute he knows good music when he hears it.

Breanne said...

I love the laugh! Not the naked! :) And that song makes me cry! (It was played at my dad's funeral)

M- your favorite said...

Man he is a funny kid! I love it! I also LOVE that song. I have it on CD somewhere? HUH! I wonder what I did with that?