Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ever had one of those days when EVERYthing goes the OPPOSITE of how you planned it?! yesterday was that day for me. We started off with Zeb's doctor's visit. We discussed it, we planned for it, we practiced everything. It was terrible. He screamed like a banshee baby the entire time. He was, however, able to squeeze out a "thank-you" to the doctor amidst his sobs before she left. Storytime at the library was also treacherous. He was a little fidgety and got in trouble THREE times from story lady (she tends to be a little stiff and strict sometimes). Once we got home he was EXHAUSTED- but didn't want to sleep. Cleaning the house is nigh impossible with the rugrat running rampant. We decided to go to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner and pumpkins for family home evening. After a medium length shopping excursion I got to the checkout only to find that I had forgotten my wallet in my coat pocket at home. Grrrr. We returned home to get the wallet and decided to run to Meijer (closer) to get our items since we were running quite late. We get to Meijer only to find that they have NO PUMPKINS. Are you kidding me?! It's freaking October 27! I decided we'd have to go after dinner with Kent to get them.
Dinner prep went pretty good. Kent finished up the steak stroganoff (one of his specialities) and things were looking up. I smooshed my potato and smothered it with dinner. Just as I was about to dig in I flipped my bowl onto the floor (accidentally) and all over my pants and shoes. Lucky for Kent I was Über irritable and just scooped it back into my plate to eat. Zeb actually loved the dinner and shoveled the steak in like he hadn't eaten in years. Apparently he dropped to the 25% percentile for weight so this was a good step for his "new chub up" program. The not so good step came five minutes later. I guess he shoveled the steak down without chewing it well. Just as I went to get him out of his high chair, he starting ralphing. Not gagging or spitting up- but full on vomiting and dry heaving. It was so sad. I took him to the bathroom to clean up and just as I got all of his clothes off the ralphing started up again. He got most of it in the toilet at least. I moved him to the bathtub to clean off. Shortly thereafter the ralphing commenced again. Darn that good steak floating around the bathtub.
At this point returning to the store was not in the best interest of all family members. Zeb went to bed- and I followed a short time later.
Today has already been a turn for the better.

Here is zeb pre doctor check-up. all chipper and pleasant.

Here he is after the nurse has weighed him and checked head circumference. In this picture he has yet to even see the doctor and get his "real" check-up. Kent is trying to calm him down by reading to him. He is exasperated and wants nothing to do with the book. I wish you could hear the screeches coming out of his open mouth. This picture makes him look happy compared to what was really going on.


Laney said...

sounds kind of funny.

Cynthia and Steve said...

What a bummer of a day! Hopefully today went better. You did neglect to add one of the positives- the mean story lady gave out yummy cookies with m&ms on them!

Michelle said...

Omiheck - that is out of control, Leisy!!!! Bless your heart! Vomiting children are THE worst. It makes me so sad and so mad all at the same time. :)
I can't believe ... to top it all off ... you dropped your dinner and THEN the vomiting. I believe I cussed out loud as I read that! Enough is enough, already! You have such a good attitude.
Hope your days are getting better. Here's a big hug.

M- your favorite said...

That is so SAD! I can't help but laugh because it dosen't seem real. That was a terrible day. I am so SORRY about it. Hope it get's better!

Annie O said...

Don't you bring a screaming banshee ralphing baby home for Christmas!

Hugs and kisses from a distance (loooooong distance),


Amy and Craig said...

Well, it's atleast good that he didn't ralph all night and that you didn't have to ralph either. I had the flu a couple weekends ago and ralphed all night and all the next day. The worst part...the ralphing, but having Craig gone at a scout campout made it even worse. Mom's should not have to get sick especially when they're pregnant, they're hubbies are gone and they already gotten the flu shot. it sucked!

boysmum2 said...

You poor thing! Just let it go, move on to today and realise that nothing could get as worse as that last day.
Go do something today that you enjoy and find something to smile about and all will be forgotten.
Have a great halloween

toddkmack said...

Funny, we just had a great vomiting adventure as well. It's our most recent blog post. Take a look at it. I feel for you. There is no dignity if parenting :)