Wednesday, October 29, 2008

time out

Timeout has been one of Zeb's consequences since he turned one. Only recently his timeout location was switched to a kitchen chair where he has more accountability to STAY put and come to the realization that even though he wants to do other things he has to sit there and wait. He thinks it's hysterical. Maybe it's just because I'm his mom and I know his faces- but this is a face of pure amusement and slyness (or orneriness in ohio context). This rascal thinks it's so stinking funny to be on this chair while I explain to him the infraction that put him there in the first place. He giggles while I describe his offenses to him. He slithers around and laughs when he says "sorry". I realize that taking a picture of this event is NOT helping the situation- but I couldn't help it. I think the chair is going to have to face a corner from here on out. When he knows he can get my attention or see me- he's incorrigible.


Laney said...

what did he do to get the chair in this picture?

Michelle said...


My kids always take time-out SO seriously ... and usually cry through the whole couple of minutes ... and then apologize profusely.

What in the WORLD would I do?

It makes me laugh hysterically. I can't wait to see it. I hope he's naughty when you guys are in Utah. :)

Kent and Leisy said...

this timeout was due to his hands in the toilet water. he LOVES the toilet and KNOWS he isn't supposed to play in it. he flushed our ONLY safe key down it last week- luckily it was too heavy and just came back when the toilet stopped flushing

Annie O said...

Incorrigible but cute.


M- your favorite said...

Zeb CAN NOT be naughty. :) What a funny kid!

Kent and Leisy said...

Oh he can - and he is
- Kent