Thursday, October 2, 2008

It was sooooo cold today.

We were in one of the coldest cities in the country today!
I wish that I would have recorded the Z man shivering. It was adorable. He wanted to play so badly- but cheered when we finally got into the car. He did wonderfully while I ran- just sat all bundled up and smiled at passerbys. During walking group, however, he repeatedly attempted to wiggle out of the stroller and succeeded in throwing off his layers. We stayed to swing and play on the slide for a bit but he (along with all the other kidlets) started turning blue.
We got home and I warmed up his apple juice to get him all toasty. He loved it. I think he loves fall as much as I do.

I thought of three more reasons I adore this season so much!

#1 This evening we had homemade hot potato rolls and potato soup for dinner. Eating warm soup and bread when it's chilly outside just makes me happy.

#2 The new fall premieres! I get so excited about my favorite shows. I love sitting down with a cup of hot cocoa and snuggling next to Kent (even if he's studying) on the couch to watch a great tv show. I'm an addict. It's euphoric.
#3 Halloween decorations!!!!!! Zeb loves the giant rat. It's disgusting and has layers of nipples on its chest. The rugrat thinks that they are all belly buttons. He holds it, pets it, hugs and kisses it all day.


taylor and laney said...

gross rat

brittani c. said...

A Halloween rat? Where did you get that thing? I'm amazed Zeb loves to touch it.

arly said...

I know, why don't you all come stay with us for a couple day in the city, and Zeb can have a real rat to play with!

We're very cool people, you know.

taylor and laney said...

I believe that it is passers-by, not passerbys. FYI