Wednesday, October 1, 2008

six unspectacular quirks. cyndi tagged me not too long ago to list some unspectacular quirks about myself. For those of you who know me well- none of these should come as a surprise.

1. I think showering and going to the bathroom are a waste of time. It irritates me that I have to take time out of my day to do these things. I feel like I am going to miss something important. Oftentimes I'll only pee right when I wake up or right before bed- no times during the day. Growing up we weren't allowed to make stops on road trips to use the bathroom unless we were out of gas- so I have a bladder of steel. Also, in order to make the most out of my shower time, I brush my teeth and floss while my conditioner sits. You'll often find floss hanging from our shower caddy.

2. Several people with whom I have lived have pointed out that they always know when I've been in the kitchen. Apparently I open all the cupboards (even if I don't take anything out of them) and leave them open. I do the same thing with drawers and dressers. It makes Kent crazy :)

3. I have an obsession with being busy/productive/helpful. Because of this I will volunteer or say yes to just about anything. I actually love to help set up and cleanup activities. I love to be involved in the planning and carryout of everything I do. It drives me crazy to just go to an event and sit while other people are busy doing things.

4. I am very NON obsessive compulsive about everything that I do except running. I like to run the same park route everyday- and I even know exactly where I'll be on the trail during specific lyrics in my running songs.

5. I can actually find things more easily when all of my clothes are in piles (not folded or hung) in my closet and drawers. I am a closet disaster-and totally fine with that. My purse is the same way. Kent refuses to put his hand in it.

6. Falling asleep is really hard for me regardless of how tired I am. I never nap and I have to have my back tickled to put me to sleep at night or I get all flustered and toss and turn for hours. Kent has spoiled me rotten.

I'll tag mum, janna banana, and amy S.


Dave and Michelle Howell said...

I have a cupboard door problem also. I figure it's that much more covenient next time you need something, right?

Annie O said...

oh good grief--there's nothing quirky about me


(check out my blog tomorrow)

Cynthia and Steve said...

That is too funny about the shower thing. I knew you didn't like showers but I didn't know you brush your teeth and floss in there. Great time managment! I hate taking showers because it means I have to do my hair again.

Someone else I know mentioned leaving the cupboards open in their house. They do it to save time, because they know what is available. Maybe you do it for the same reason. Personally I am with Kent. Open cupboards drive me crazy!

Michelle said...

Close those cupboard doors!! :)

tiff said...

i agree with michelle CLOSE THE CUPBOARD DOORS!!!!! you can hit your head and get hurt

Rachael said...

these are great. I loved reading them!

the Kprows! said...

haha. I love that almost all the comments on here about the cupboards doors, so I'll just add my two cents about them too....Cupboard openers unite! Apparently I must get it from my mom! It drives Matt crazy and even though I've almost taken out both of my eyes by open cupboard corners I still haven't learned. I know what you mean about the crowded purse too. Anytime I ask Matt to get something out of mine for me whether it's my keys, celly, or chapstick he grimaces... he calls it the black hole!