Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 bits of good news in Toledo

Numero UNO
Today I was looking for coupons online and found out that THE MELTING POT opened HERE in Toledo!!! and if you sign up for their fondue club- you get free DESSERT fondue. Although definitely overpriced, The Melting Pot is still great fun for special occasions. Kent and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.
Numero DOS
remember how a piece of our wall was cut out to fix our plumbing? and how we got to go out to dinner because of it?! Well, they made a small mess and leaked some rusty water in a very inconspicuous spot on our carpet but still wanted to fix it. Apparently the company charges the same amount regardless of area cleaned- so we got our all of our carpets cleaned :) How lucky are we? I think that kent is the happiest.


brittani c. said...

Oh, no. You shouldn't have told me about The Melting Pot. (Guilty pleasure #42) You might just inspire me to break out my fondue pot this weekend.

Nate and Jessica said...

I cant even tell you how much I love going out to eat. It is one of the things I MOST look forward to when we have money someday.

Michelle said...

I too love eating out and clean carpets! :)

Your trip to NY looked very fun. Zeb is adorable!!

Beth said...

I love the melting pot and am even willing to listen to Kurt's mission stories about having to stir the fondue during the prayer if it means I get to indulge! Thanks for the heads up and congrats on the clean carpets.

Linz said...

WooHOo! Fondue and clean carpets?! What a fabulous day!