Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kitchen repairs=have to eat out=happiness

The lady below us has been complaining about a leak in her apartment for FOUR years. It wasn't doing much damage to anything and the source couldn't be found anywhere. This week the leak got bad and started getting her cupboards and walls pretty wet so they decided to take some serious action. Al, our fix it man, came into out apartment and started drilling holes in the back of our cupboards until he found the source. It was in such an odd spot that they had to call in a plumber who had to fix it by going through our LIVING room wall :) We were pretty excited about the mess and non-usable kitchen (we didn't want to keep using our sink and dishwasher because it was leaking on the poor lady downstairs) because it meant we got to use our Chili's gift card that we've been saving for an occasion such as this.

Here is the picture of our semi-fixed wall- and then just some of the holes in our cupboards where they finally found the leak.

Zeb was beyond happy to be eating out(as were we).


Michelle said...

So glad you could find some happiness in all that. ;)! That is a mess! How annoying.

Zeb looks so cute. He is getting so big!

Lyndsay said...

Did you get chips and salsa there? I've been craving their chips and salsa.

Kent and Leisy said...

we always get their chips and salsa! even sometimes just on weekends as takeout :)

arly said...

You guys have such a good attitude. We had major damage to our ceiling during a rainstorm, and rather than see it as an opportunity to eat out or do something fun, I just cried. For a week. But Samuel ordered a pizza, which eased my sorrows. Next time, I'm going to do what you did.

Also, I love the new picture at the top of the blog. Very fall. Very nice. And Zeb. What can I say? What a cutie.