Saturday, September 20, 2008

a family fair at lutheran village :)

We had quite the rough night last night with the rugrat and his cough. Thankfully his oxygen levels are staying above 96 and besides lots of coughs (and subsequent vomit-a-thons) he's just got a runny nose. Last night at 2 AM Kent and I unanimously voted to give Zeb away today. Luckily for him we woke up with a change of heart. Kent was off to study at school and I took Zeb to a fair at the the Lutheran Village (a retirement community here in Toledo). Everything was absolutely free and the weather was GREAT. Lots of friends ended up being there as well.

We started off with free lunch (hot dogs, cookies, pizza, popcorn, snow cones, lemonade, and all the candy you could want) and then made the rounds. Zeb doesn't do candy or cookies- and I only let him have a plain "snow" sno-cone so that I didn't have to worry about a mess. Am I a mean mom or what? He still loved it.

Zeb was obsessed with the swimming pool full of macaroni. Even more than the macaroni- he LOVED the training dogs. They were so calm and good with kids. He wouldn't stop giving them kisses. They also had a herpetlogical booth but wouldn't allow Z man to touch the snakes. They said the law prohibits children under five from petting them!?! What kind of law is that? Bicknell (our pet snake back in Utah) slithered all over Zeb in his early days.

Here's the Zebster offering an open mouthed kiss to the giant dog.
There was a small petting zoo too. The animals were pretty calm and Zeb didn't shriek until the donkey BIT HIM! It bit the poor little guy's finger. He wasn't too traumatized and only cried for a few seconds. It did leave him with a pretty smooshed finger for awhile though.
All in all it was a GREAT day. I could not believe that everything was free. We got to decorate mini pumpkins, go "fishing" for prizes, and all sorts of other great stuff. There was even an armed forces booth where I got some coloring books called "Let's talk about deployment" and "My book about when my parent has to go away". Hopefully I won't be using them- but most likely will at some point.

and here's the donkey that mistook his finger for a baby carrot.

Hip-hip hooray for the Lutherans today! We loved their family fair.


Cynthia and Steve said...

That place was awesome! We definitely have to make it a yearly tradition.

Jason & Shannon said...

Fun, I hope when I have kids, I'm as adventurous as you are!

Kimberly said...

Hey- that was fun today! had a pet snake?? Where is he now?

Steve and Hailey said...

That looks so fun! There is always something fun to do in Toledo! Or maybe you're just good at finding things.

Michelle said...

Zebby's hair looks so blonde! Have you had it cut recently? So cute ... I love him in that macaroni!

Larry and CIndy said...

Leisy, you and Zeb do the funnest things, I wish I was with you. I am so sure that Donkey bit his makes me want to kick that Donkey in the butt!!! Keep Up the Fun Times and sharing them with us. You guys (3) are so dang cute and so is the rest of the Miller Family. Love, Auntie Cindy