Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This kid DOES love me!

He never says "mom" and runs from me at any chance he gets. Today after he kissed me he stuck out his tongue and made the funniest little face. Meanwhile- he'll chant "da-ddy! da-ddy! da-ddy!" all day long and pound at the door demanding that Kent come home from school. Tonight I had to drive down to Bowling Green for a seminary meeting and apparently Zeb was not a happy camper. I didn't say goodbye or explain to him that I'd be gone for the evening and he didn't take it well. It's the first time that he has actually expressed any disdain with my absence. Kent said he wailed and sobbed for "mooooom" at the door for an extended period of time right before bedtime. I shouldn't say that I am pleased with his behavior- but I kind of am :) He has been so much fun lately. This is the age of children that I love. He's so busy and so interactive. I think it's mostly the age, but partially his new medication regiment as well. Hooray for healthier lungs and a wonderful zebby!


Amy and Craig said...

yeah, dad's are the most fun and mom's just the one always there. When I went to Girl's Camp though, i know I was missed by everybody. it's nice to know that. The kids still talk about that week I was at camp. Must have made an impression.

M- your favorite said...

HIP HIP HOORAY for healthy kids. That is the best. You are right Zeb is at a great age. They are so cute! It funny how kids are when one parents is not home and they want the other one. I love it. It is a ton of fun!

Michelle said...

Haha. It IS nice to be missed. Krystal is SUCH a daddy's girl, however - and that is SO nice too!