Friday, October 24, 2008

this one's for you mum

He has finally relented. Z man could say grandpa, grandma, daysa, metta, and every other family member's name just fine way back in June when we were in Utah for the summer- but he absolutely refused to say Nannie Annie. Even when my mom was here in August and offered to pay zeb's future college tuition and buy him a car- he wouldn't budge. He never even attempted it. Just yesterday I showed Z a picture of nannie Annie and asked him to repeat her name. He said it perfectly. Today he'll only say "nanna anna" on video- but I think it counts (although it sounds eerily familiar to how he says banana). Maybe you could at least get him a toy car (or train) for finally saying it, mum!

Background info= Nannie Annie refuses to go by grandma and goes by "Nannie Annie" instead. She says she isn't old enough to have grandchildren- which is absolutely true. Just because she's married to the grandpa doesn't make her a grandma.


Susan said...

LOL! Isn't it funny how kids will say things all day long and then when you want to prove it to someone else they absolutely refuse?

Erin said...

Alright Zebbers! I know this is so cliche, but I can't believe how big he is getting. Big enough to be a big brother. Congrats!!!

Annie O said...

Well it's about time--although I'm not sure he really said it. We'll see how he does at Christmas time.

On the bright side, it just goes to show the kid can't be bought!

Hugs and kisses,