Sunday, October 12, 2008

This morning we went on a splendid walk to Swan Creek Park to celebrate the colors finally making their debut. The weather was wonderful -although I am still a little jealous of the mini snow storm that hit my parent's place this weekend. Zeb had a great time running back and forth and back and forth over the bridge (as included in the video). He could have stayed all day! I also included a picture of Zeb doing one of his favorite things. The little rugrat rubs the fuzzy side of his blanket up and down the holes in the sides of his binky so that it tickles his face. And he had better get all of his rubbing in now because we are already in phase one of the "rid zeb of the binky" program.


Michelle said...

Wow. It is beeeeeautiful out there. I have to admit that Zeb running across the bridge TOTALLY freaked me out. I am turning into my Dad. I chuckled like crazy with the "rid zeb of his binky" program ... phase one. I'm very curious! :)

It was so good to talk to you today!! Love you so many.

Jason & Shannon said...

Good luck with ridding Zeb of his Binky's! He's probably going to steal them from your new baby when you have it. Hehe. You'll have to make a video if that happens!

Linz said...

Yea fall!!! Zeb is so cute!!