Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are all boys just instinctively dirty? I swear my girls would be like this too, but maybe I'm wrong and it's just an innate boy thing to love the dirt.

Zeb came home soooooo dirty today. This picture doesn't do his filthiness justice. I still think he's got dirt underneath his toenails that I couldn't get out.

What if I never have a girl? Growing up I always kinda felt like I'd be a mother of all boys. I could definitely be happy with all boys- but I'll be really really upset if I don't get to use any of the insanely amazing girl clothes that I have all boxed up. One of these days I'm going to get it all out and take a picture. I have got A LOT (I've been buying it since before I was married! and still at yard sales now I can't pass up a great deal)- and it's really CUTE. If I do end up girless- metta, daysa, and laney- I've got boxes for you guys.


M- your favorite said...

I also would like a pick if you don't have any girls. But who knows I might not either. I sure do love boys though! They are so much fun! But then again Hanna acts like a boy at times. running around with bugs in her hand and Aaron running away from her. They are so funny!

Nate and Jessica said...

Natalie is so dirty.

Delaps said...

I just scrubbed 3 layers of dirt off Ellie. I hope that you get a girl not only for the clothes.