Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the neglected one.

Sometimes I feel like I neglect Ike. Occasionally I forget I even have him. He's just that easy and that good. But this post is dedicated ALL to him. Happy six months, kid. Granted, this half birthday post is sixteen days late- but in my defense his six month check-up was on Monday of this week. He's a lovely 26 inches (does anybody really care about how many inches long he is?). I can't even say 26 inches tall because that's a lie. Really he's like six inches tall- maybe 18 inches when he's sitting up.

He's 17 pounds and eleven ounces. That's the important statistic at his age. I'm impressed that he's made up all that weight from his first month of starvation. This kid definitely fits into his skin now.

Ike is such a fun great baby. He's rolling around like a little steam roller- and grabbing things like a gypsy in training! He takes EVERYthing out of Zeb's hands or from his lap. It makes zeb bonkers and is really very funny. He's scooting and crawling all over as well. He still doesn't love eating- but we're making progress. At least he'll open his mouth to the spoon.

Ike is super mellow and semi social. Zeb was constantly laughing and trying to get people's attention at this age. Ike is happy to just sit back and watch. He rarely cries and never freaks out. It's pretty crazy to me that certain personality traits and mannerisms are already exhibited at such a young age.

Just last night I commented to Kent that I didn't think we'd be getting this much sleep until all our kids were grown and out of the house. Ike sleeps a full twelve uninterrupted hours of sleep every night. Zeb just started sleeping through the night when Ike was born! and actually he still gets up occasionally needing drinks or just to say hello.

Ike is the baby champ. If I could get an "Ike baby" guarantee for the rest of my babies- I'd have ten more.


M- your favorite said...

He really is so dang cute! I can't wait to see him again! He has changed so much! It's crazy how fast they grow up!

Michelle said...

Ohhhhh ... you'll FOR SURE be getting a drama queen girl after a mellow "Ike baby"! hahahaha!

He really IS changing so much. Such a QT pie! Happy 6 months, kiddo!

mandi said...

This made me kind of teary-eyed. He's so so cute! I love the mellow babies.

Brittney said...

Cute! I'm jealous that you're getting so much sleep, though! Hopefully Ari will follow suit quickly!

Amy and Craig said...

way to go Ike! Sophie just made it to 17lb 6 oz so he's surpassed her! I can't wait to see them together again this coming week!