Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our three day weekend was a blast! Friday was already documented- but today and saturday were my favorite days. Saturday morning we took a family run to Maumee for the Maumee summer fest parade! The run there was pleasant- but it was pretty bad on the return trip home. We were all very sweaty and very hot when we got back.

Zeb loved the candy at the parade (and so did I). He loved the construction hats they threw out too. These parades are fabulous.
and the parade wouldn't have been complete without the creepily freakish dilapidated doll and misfit toy vehicles. It appears that the parade "regular" invited a friend to bring his car along too. This time I got close-ups. Why on Earth do people do things like this? and why do they parade them around in front of little children? I shouldn't be questioning these people, though. I love that they do it.
This little girl is actually doing the beauty pageant wave out the car window. She's also wearing a tiara. Maybe this her royalty float.

And here's the back of the royalty car. It scares me waaaay bad. Click on the picture to get the full effect. check out that doll head. eww.
after the hot hellish run home- we cooled off in the pool. Zeb spent most of his time blowing at dandelions.
after our swim, Kent and I went and saw a movie- AT THE THEATER! we hadn't been to the theater since Christmas 2007- and we only went then because my parents paid for us all to go :) Usually we don't like to spend that much money to see a movie- but we've been waiting to see Harry Potter for what seems like FOREVER. It did not disappoint. 1- we had no kids (thank you cyndi!!!) 2- We got tickets for five bucks a piece because Kent is in the air force!!! it cost us HALF of what we thought it would! and 3- we loved the movie. I realize it did not follow the book perfectly, but we went with the realization that it wouldn't. What it did capture- it captured perfectly. Plus, I don't remember all the details of the book anyway. Kent did fill me in on everything that was missing however.
I don't think that they could have cast Harry, Ron, or Hermione any better for all of these movies. I just LOVE them. I want to watch it again.

Today was a wonderful calm sunday. Have I mentioned that I LOVE nine o'clock church? It's so much more relaxing. Too bad this next weekend won't be so nice. Kent works Friday, Saturday, AND sunday.


Laney said...

when I see that car I imediately think, "jessica hardy would love that car."

Lindsay said...

Looks like a great weekend!

I haven't called or emailed yet, but I googled my question and I found out the free book is only good on existing shutterfly accounts and not new ones (I just opened it - I'm a snapfish user). But I might call and see what they'll do for me. Darn.

dockters said...

how fun to make it to the movies together! Sounds like the perfect weekend!

Thanks for keeping an eye on our place...I especially appreciate it after you reminded me about the maggots in the toilet! barf!

Cynthia said...

Now I totally want to see the HP movie. I don't even know if I have even seen the last one that came out yet, though. I agree that they did cast the main characters really well.
You forgot to mention the other cool thing about going to the movies. You had a gift card, so you really watched it for FREEEE!!

Linz said...

That car is terrifying.

And I loved Harry Potter 6 too! Yea!

~Just Me Again said...

You asked, "Why on Earth do people do things like this?" Because it's just another way to extend one's creative voice in their own way.
And it's completely fun.

JoLynn & SKinney
Drivers of the Artus Art Car

brittani c. said...

It sounds like your summer has been filled with lots of fun. You seem to find all the right places in Toledo.
Loved the movie too. I'm glad they're making book #7 into two films...don't know how they could shove that storyline into a 3 hour film. I already can't wait for Finn to learn how to read.

yaya said...

Ok, you win...Ashland only has the crazy guy with cats glued all over his van...they aren't real cats, although I wouldn't put that past anyone! That car is the creepiest thing I've ever seen.