Wednesday, August 5, 2009

six months.

Ike has been slower at rolling over, getting teeth, and sitting up than Zeb- but it looks like he's going to beat him at crawling! The kid made some real progress tonight on his crawl. Here's the best shot I could get of the action. It is so funny watching the kid move.
Kent had the kids tonight while I was gone to yw- and when I got home they were both awake but happier then they have been all week. I finally got zeb to agree to head to bed when I told him he could take his trains. It only took him about seven tries to get them all in his hands. He is such a fun two year old. We had the terrible terrible 20 month old but he's been a great two year old so far. I hear that three is actually the roughest. I can't wait.


Nate and Jessica said...

Hmmmm, seems like I specifically felt like 3 was a great year for Jansen. Goes to show, all kids are so different. DEFINITELY had some very tough days of course.

M- your favorite said...

I love the PJ's they look so long- but they fit them great! SUPER CUTE! I wish you could just send them over to me when they started to get naughty!

Kent and Leisy said...

jess- I'm hoping our bad bad phase is over- because it was REALLY bad for a few months there! I would love if year three was great!

and m- I also wish that I could send them over to you when they are naughty.

Delaps said...

That 2nd picture of Ike looks just like Zeb to me. I never really thought they looked to much alike until that picture.

Michelle said...

Way-ta-go, Ike!!

I really have a hard time imagining Zeb being terrible AT ALL! That picture of him with his trains is just to die for!