Saturday, August 22, 2009

mom and boys day

These monkeys need haircuts. bad. Don't worry mett, they will happen BEFORE the wedding :)
Here's what happens when we run at three in the afternoon instead of eight in the morning.

Poor zeb had a long day of missing kent. When kent called this evening I handed the phone to zeb so he could say hello and the first thing he said to kent-unprompted- was "come home, papa. come home now". He's recently started using the word 'now' with all of his requests. I don't think that he's trying to sound so demanding- he just really likes the word.


dockters said...

Ike has SO much hair!! I feel like he's all grown up! Cute pictures.

Amy and Craig said...

is it really cool enough to use blankets at 3 in the afternoon? so jealous! i haven't been cold or even cool for about 5 months!

Kent and Leisy said...

it was super chilly yesterday!! I LOVED it. Fall is in the air!!!!

M- your favorite said...