Monday, August 10, 2009

yee haw.

Oh, how I love Sandy the one cent pony. Zeb even knows her name! Every time (and I swear we go to meijer AT LEAST three times a week! today it was just to escape the heat and our house) we leave the store- zeb says to me "I want to ride Sandy, mama! please?". She's a penny- and he always asks so nicely- how can I say no?

Here's my kid yelling "yeehaw" and throwing his arm up in the air like he's got a lasso. Where on Earth did he learn that? There must be a Little Einsteins episode or something with that phrase.
Lately Zeb and Ike have become SUCH better friends. Zeb finally interacts with Ike- and Ike always giggles when Zeb talks to him. The only altercations we have stem from Ike's new tendency to grab EVERYTHING within reach. It has been driving Zeb BONKERS during our runs. Every morning I have to remind him to keep his "whales crackers" to the side opposite Ike or else he's going to lose them. It's AMAZING how strong this little guy's grip is. Zeb is pretty good to share almost everything (including his blankets and even an occasional whale cracker into Ike's mouth) but today he reached his limit. On the run zeb started whining "no, ike, no". I asked what was going on and I looked down at them. Ike had his hand on Zeb's leg and Zeb said to me "no sharing zeb's knee mom. no sharing, please!".

Ike LOVES to eat now that I have stopped trying to force that rice cereal down his throat. I think I'd be dry heaving and refusing it too. He loved today's squash.


Michelle said...

haha! Zeb is just so clever and cute! There ARE limits to sharing, of course!! :)

Ike is looking so big! I can't stand it!

Laney said...

I wish Henry could talk. I am tired of his yelps and grunts.

glau06 said...

That is so funny. Yesterday at Meijer I was wishing I had a camera since riding Sandy is an event we also do on a regular basis. Jill

M- your favorite said...

I love penny rides that is so much fun! He is talking so good. I can't wait to hear it myself. Sure do miss them like crazy!

Pat and Brent said...

It's so fun when the kids start playing together. They'll soon be best buds. It's true though - there are limits to sharing.

Kirsten.Kyle said...

Meijer right? Too bad our munckin wasn't old enough to enjoy it while we were still in Toledo.